Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend Teaser

Are hush puppies

the Kid Jensens

of the dog world?


  1. Run! It's a Canuck!

  2. It's a pair of Canucks.

    They're cloning the fuckers now.


  3. I think the answers yes, Geoff.

    Your teaser is more intellectually challenging than "Deal or No Deal"

  4. Correct, Murph.

    Hush puppies, like Kid Jensen, are stuck with a part of their name which becomes less and less apt the older they get.

  5. Garry Glitter, he would be in the same category.

    Paul Young, Abi Titmuss, Ivan the Terrible, ...

    this could be a list of greats!!!

  6. I've been trying to make sense of this post. I've just realised that my problem was that I thought that woman (Jane Lilley?) was Margaret Thatcher.
    You have to admit - there is a worrying resemblance.

  7. Although the title would be more appropriate for Dennis Thatcher.

  8. Margaret Thatcher, bone snatcher.

  9. I must have missed something here. Does Kid Jensen now have rheumy eyes and kidney trouble?

  10. Kid Jensen now prefers to be known as David Jensen.

    Do Hush Puppies now prefer to be known as, I dunno, Graham Puppies?

  11. I saw that 'Bruno' fellow selling his trousers in 'The Loft' in Covent Garden. Does that help?

    I'm sure I saw a photo of your shoes once on here. Yes, I remember. It was about laces. Can we have some more pictures of shoes. I have hush puppy shoes. They look like daschunds. No, they don't. They look like Kid Jensen.

    Sorry...I think I've had too many sherries today. I raided the 'This is saved for Christmas alright?' cupboard. The sherry is no more and the one single packet of cashew nuts is no more. Who cares? Start Chrizzymas now I say! Cheers Geoff! Happee Christmas to you and Bettystersterxx

  12. Why not?

    Happy Christmas, all.

    Graham Puppy looks in festive mood, doesn't he?

  13. I like the Hush Puppies. It would take too much thinking for me to decide whether or not I like, or even know that other fellow.