Friday, November 03, 2006

A Mother's Logic

You know that other one off Little Britain? Not the fat bald one?

The other one.

Him. He's gay as well.

But he's a real heterosexual stud. He's been with loads of women. He's shagged Abi Titmuss, for Christ's sake.

Has he really? He was seen out with Denise Van Outen. She was just covering for him. They weren't sleeping together, they were shopping together...Besides, I can tell.


They were on the Paul O'Grady Show. You know he's gay?

Is he?

Course he is. Well, every gay he's had on there, when he greets them they give him a kiss on the cheek. Julian Clary did. The little fat bald one did. And his friend did. When real men go on the Paul O'Grady Show they just shake hands.

In a manly way?

You'll see, Geoff. He'll be out of the cupboard soon.


  1. Sir Rog the Saint didn't kiss Paul O'Grady on Wednesday when we were there. Fearne Cotton did though.

  2. The proof's in the pudding, Richard.

  3. Roger Moore's dead, isn't he? Wouldn't expect any tongue action from the deceased surely?

    Denise Van "Outen" ... the clue is there already.

    And we all know that a "beard" is a female partner for a gay man to infer rugged straightness. Mmmm. Makes you think, doesn't it Geoff.

  4. Even a beard couldn't make me rugged, Murph.

  5. Can't handle that show - tried to watch it once - but couldn't....

  6. I've tried several times, Lee.

    It doesn't get any better.

  7. "You know that other one off Little Britain? Not the fat bald one?"

    Not personally, but I happen to know he went to Reigate Grammar School. So did I ...long before his time. Now there's a bit of trivia you can really use.