Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Suitably Refreshed

Pictures from Ghent soon, but for now a few words on Eurostar.

The Eurostar train may seem a sophisticated form of transport compared to Easyjet. Indeed, checking-in and passport control are so much easier and quicker. And of course a Eurostar passenger has the carbon footprint of a robin as opposed to the elephant's of your frequent flier.

But no matter how nice it seems, the general public do use it and the seats for us ordinary passengers are very similar to airline seats, you get wailing children coming back from Euro Disney and in addition, mobile phones are not outlawed.

In particular, games can be played on mobile phones, games which emit a "beep" sound every twenty seconds inches from my sensitive ears, for most of the journey.

What an annoying tit, twenty years older than me but with the maturity of a three year old. His wife must be used to his noise as she didn't tell him to bloody turn the sound down.

Apparently he'd enjoyed Bruges. I doubt whether the feeling was mutual.


  1. Nobody over 23 years old plays games on mobile phones. It must have been his pacemaker.

  2. I have games on my mobile. I'm not sure why. There used to be a device that you could keep by your side that would emit ear damaging white noise across a wide range of phone frequencies but only over a short range, a couple of yards or so. I always wanted one of these to use at the world's most exciting tolled river crossing when the ignorant bastards used to prefer talking on their phone to giving me a quid and driving away.

    Oh and welcome back.

  3. Yes Geoff - But I bet they let you take your lipstick on board.

  4. I think it's silence that disturbs such folk Geoff. Forces them in on themselves so to speak.

  5. I was watching his reflection in the window when I should have been reading my book. He really got to me. He had earphones on so I presume he got the full games effects on them.

    Lip GLOSS, Kaz.


    Or beat hin to death with your bare fists at least.

    (I had to endure a similar thing all the way from Manchester to London once, but I didn't want to interupt because the culprits were bothe strippers and were telling tales about shagging footballers inbetween VERY loud texting.)

    (Anyhow. Sorry. But no jury'd convict. You should've.)

  7. And they sold West Ham while you were away.

  8. Apparently they are working out a way to get mobile phones working on the Underground. I will cry that day.

    The best thing about my part of the underground is that it is, despite the name, overground and phones do work some, but not (evil laugh) all the time.

  9. Spin - They wouldn't let me take my Swiss Army knife on board.

    Richard - Who would have thought 20 years ago that the words "Icelandic consortium" would have any place in English footballing vocabulary?

    Billy - There'll be mobile phones on cheap flights soon, too...."I'm on the plane."

  10. A wag writes:

    Is it because they have geezers with a high degree of liquidity over there?

  11. Who would have thought, 20 years ago, the words "Russian billionaire" would have had any place in - well, Russia.

  12. In the movies the protagonist would have very quickly and without drawing any undue attention to himself moved over and given the annoying bastard's head a quick snap and folded the annoying bastard's arms so that the annoying bastard appeared to be sleeping.
    You need to get some chloroform for your nest train ride.

  13. Murph - They're so wealthy, they must be diamond geezers.

    Wyndham - I'd rather have a biscuit baron than an oilygarch.

    HE - I think secretly his wife would have given me a smile as I did it.