Monday, November 13, 2006

Ooh Goody. A Quiz.

We're off for a long weekend on Friday to see our good friends, Adam and Eve. A more miserable looking couple you couldn't wish to encounter.

As I am bored shitless and can't think of anything to write about, here's a little quiz for my long suffering readers.

1. Where do our friends Adam & Eve live?

2. What shampoo do they use?

3. Adam was on the panel of the first Gardeners' Question Time. What was the first question he answered?

4. What is 'their' song? (A clue: It's not Three Times A Lady)

The person with the most correct answers wins a recycled Body Shop comb.


  1. They live in a council house in Cheam.

    All the rest are trick questions.

    They look unhappy because they are guilty of starting a population explosion.

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    1. In the big brother house
    2. Apple flavoured
    3. What is the best pesticide for snakes?
    4.Little green apples

  3. 1)Adam and Eve live in here in Crewe. I've seen her in Poundstretcher and he's stopped me a couple of times along West Street asking whether I wanted a fuckin' three piece suite, man.

    2)19p a bar soap from the post office

    3)He wasn't Geoff, he asked Bill Sowerbutts the first question and it was how to take care of his "exotic grasses" over winter. Programme was never broadcast.

    4)Anything by The Tygers of Pan Tang

    Did I win?

  4. One correct answer so far from Realdoc. Their shampoo is, indeed, apple flavoured. We'll be taking them some special Kentish Cox's Orange Pippin apple shampoo as a gift.

    Nowhere near with the location. It is not in the UK, though.

    Although they may look like it, they are not into heavy metal and would probably take the words "God didn't make them little green apples" out of context and think it blasphemous.

    I think they look unhappy because we're about to visit them.

  5. Ah, they're Belgian. That would explain much.

  6. 1:Gravesend. I used to have some miserable friends who went there every year for holiday.
    3: What happens if you eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil?
    4: Killer by Adamski and Loco-motion by Little Eva.
    I hate quizzes.

  7. 1. North Wales. Possibly on top of Tryfan.

    2. None. They have no hair.

    3. How are you?

    4. Land of My Fathers

    Mr P. comes from Gravesend, which explains everything.

  8. 1) If it's post-banishment then you must be heading off to Milton Keynes/Telford/Anywhere in Northern Ireland.

    4) Is it 'All Women Are Bad' by the Cramps?

  9. Thank you for your answers. A holiday in Gravesend? Even the cockernees got out into the country to pick hops. Gravesend? Pocahontas obsessives, perhaps.

    The answers are:-

    1. We are going to Ghent in Belgium. (Or 'Gent' as it's known locally). Adam and Eve are in a cathedral there (where else) as part of the Ghent Altarpiece.

    3. A Mr Stark-Bullock phoned Gardeners' Question Time and asked whether it was best to use a hover mower in the nude. Adam stormed out of the studio saying he didn't give a fig.

    4. 'Their' song is Careless Whisper by George Michael. Guilty feet have got no rythmn. Adam and Eve dance like a pair of arthritic walruses.

  10. Wahay, I got one right. If I remember correctly there is also a fantastic African museum roundabouts there. Have fun.

  11. Cheers, Richard. Can't find the African museum. The design museum looks good. €2.50 entrance fee!

  12. I once went to Ghent (on a course) and spent most of the time getting legless in a tiny subterranean bar called *The Microbe*.
    The name reflected the standard of hygeine but the atmosphere, music and alcohol were amazing.

  13. I found it but it's actually nowhere near Ghent. It's in Tervuren, ESE of Brussels. I was only 10 at the time so apologies for the dodgy memory. It's a fantastic place if you ever get the chance to go. Well it was for a 10 year old kid as it had shrunken heads in and stuff. One likes to think they were the shrunken heads of Belgian administrators in the Congo but I doubt it.

  14. I just want to say that Adam looks very much like Wayne Coyne out of the Flaming Lips in that picture. Except with less grey hair.

    That's all.

  15. Hmph.

    I *really* wanted that comb.

  16. Kaz - Can't find Microbe on Google. Still, wherever we go the atmosphere will be diminished.

    Richard - Maybe when we go to Brussels, then.

    Betty - No people dressed up in furry snake costumes? Eve has a passing resemblance to Jimmy Page.

    Spin - It's second hand. Trust me, you wouldn't want it.

  17. For some reason I can only think of Tresemme - re: shampoo. The power of advertising.......and my sad, addled brain.

  18. You say "Tresemme", I say "Timotei".

    Let's call the whole thing off.