Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Put On Your Dancin' Shoes

I've just looked at myself in the mirror and I didn't like what I saw. An accountant who dances like a social worker.

Where did that come from earlier today? Saying I was in a dancing mood and asking for emails? Post-Ikea stress disorder probably.

Still, the song I was dancing to is here and if you want to dance like a social worker I suggest you listen to it. It's off an album called The Rough Guide To Highlife which is well recommended although this is the only track including those 80s keyboards that wallys used to play like a guitar.


  1. Blimey.

    I can almost see you gettin' down. If I knew what you looked like it would be easier of course.

  2. How do social workers dance? Like people who couldn't dance on Top of the Pops c. 1977 ie: looking a bit gormless and just bending their legs at the knees on the offbeat?

  3. Richard - I'm not doing a You Tube if that's what you're thinking.

    Romo - I'm being unfair on social workers. It's more people who were into World Music in the 80s, probably used to listen to Andy Kershaw. Probably still do if he's still going. Is he still working for the BBC? If so, in heaven's name, why? His audience must be in single figures.

    Actually I mean anyone who can't dance but enjoys doing it. I am definitely one of them.

  4. I dance like a social worker impersonating a rabbit, caught in treacle, trying to dance to ska. On crack, natch.

  5. Ha ha ha ha. Oh god - that reminds me I used to frequent the 100 club in the 80's and dance like a demented rabbit with flailing over-long arms.

  6. Post Ikea Stress Disorder is *PISD* .
    Dancing in front of the mirror is the treatment.

  7. You're not being hard on social workers; we've seen 'Cathy Come Home'.
    There was a world music club night in Balsall Heath years ago with lots of social worker dancing. It was called 'Bare-foot Disco' and they kept the light on.

  8. Ooh, I remember there used to be trousers that only ever seemed to be worn by social workers in the '80's. They used to be narrow around the legs, but have loads of baggy folds around the crotch, and were usually in a garish print. One of my friends who worked in social services had some. Perhaps you were issued with them as a perk of the job. There was a band called Amazulu who once wore them on TOTP. "Bloody social workers", I said at the time.

  9. I've just spent the afternoon in the pub so I'm now more calm and only half PISD.

    Was there a Brit-Jazz/World Music crossover for social workers in the 80s involving Annie Whitehead and Sarah-Jane Morris? Barefoot with the lights on? I think I was on the edge of that scene, never immersing myself fully and never wearing the trousers.

  10. I was at a festival chatting to some folk and I announced that I hated world music.

    'How do you define world music' some smartarse asked me, thinking he'd trip me up due to my blatent ignorance.

    'Anything involving bongos', I replied. I rest my case.

    (I am also one of those 'can't dance, will dance' people. At least is gives folk a laugh.)

  11. I saw Annie Whitehead once supported by the London School of Samba. Little did I know that one of the LSS members would go on to be half of Leftfield.

    So I don't mind bongos so much, although I prefer electronic bongos. Real organic music is much overrated.

  12. Oh dear - that reminds me - I used to wrap yards of material around my head a la Amazulu but I categorically did not go in for the trousers - I was more Doctor Marten's and leggings - aarrrrgh! I'm so ashamed. Fashion faux pas extreme.