Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rub a Dub

We are off to the local on Saturday to meet some old friends.

The local used to be a bikers' pub.

Now you're more likely to see golfers.

When we were regulars, a Lloyd Cole lookalike was, too.

Joining him in misery was his girlfriend, a Hazel O'Connor lookalike.

Last time we were there, a topless man was being thrown out just as we made our entrance.

But the pub's in the Good Beer Guide now. So we're expecting a more refined clientele.



  1. The golfer on the right appears to be selecting a wood for his next shot.

    "Don't get wierd on me babe" ...great title from Mr Cole.

  2. It used to be a biker's pub?
    Is that good or bad Geoff?

    It's been a while since I went to the Ruskin Arms in East Ham, I think a Saturday night visit may be in order to see if it still is a headbanger's drinking den.

  3. I used to love that Hazel O'Connor.
    Nearly as much as Des.
    Enjoy the hangover.

  4. There's a biker pub in Bristol. I always used to see it on the bus but never went in because I was scared. I then went in with a friend of mine and it was ok. It was cheap, so cheap I actually did the "I think you've overchanged me" line to their amusement. So I put the excess money in the jukebox and played Chumbawumba.

    They deserved it.

  5. Murph - I think he's checking for his ball. The other golfer seems to have two.

    Istvanski - There'd be better music in a biker's pub. We went in there once when it was - a very long time ago and it seemed much bigger then. I've only ever been to East Ham for one reason, and that's not to calm my nerves.

    Kaz - What about Tom? He used to be a schoolteacher, you know. Just like Sting. I'm determined not to get a hangover. I will.

    Billy - Do bikers nowadays like Chumbawumba? What's wrong with Born To Be Wild?

  6. That Lloyd Cole was always causing a commotion

  7. He should have got together with Hazel and done Don't Go Breakin' My Heart.

    What a bleedin' pair!

  8. I bet they didn't really throw Ray Winstone out even in his Speedos.

  9. If he was dripping at the bar they would.