Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holy Mackerel!

I love films. Not "film", films. I've loved films since I was in my late teens.

"A bit late to be getting into films," you may say.

But the films I like are for adults. I couldn't sit down with a child and watch a film. One of us would get very bored very quickly.

Heath Ledger is dead, the victim, it seems, of the pressure he was under playing the Joker in the new Batman film. Yes, Batman. A 28 year old man couldn't handle the psychological consequences of portraying a character in a kids' film.

I had a Batman outfit when I was three. I would run through Bournemouth town centre, pretending I was Batman.

It didn't fuck me up.


  1. And did you go to watch the latest Ingmar Bergman in your Batman outfit?

  2. I bet your junior Brokeback Mountain suit would have done Geoff.

  3. Kaz - They wouldn't let me in. They said I was too miserable.

    Murph - The only cowboy acceptable to the Bournemouth public in 1965 was Roy Rogers.

  4. by a funny coincidence I went to a party at the Maison Royal (or was it the Cardinal?) in Bournemouth as cat woman accompanied by batman in 1976 - was that you?

  5. It wasn't me as I'd grown out of my Batman suit by then. Besides, I've always wanted to be Robin.

  6. My brother suffered a bad case of concussion after falling off the bannisters pretending to be Batman ... in retrospect, he was never the same afterwards.
    My brother, not Batman.

  7. I was too much of a wimp to be an action packed super hero. It was probably for the best.