Friday, January 11, 2008

The P*ace That's The Best

INT. The discussion is of a deceased colleague. Along the lines of "I bet he's in heaven, dancing to his favourite song, Spi*it In The S*y."

A (MID 50s): I once did some work for the guy who did the original. What was his name?

ME: No*man Greenb*um.

B (18): Gar*th Ga*es?

A: No, Gar*th Ga*es did the cover version! What was his name?


A: I know! Cli*e Jack*on! He was in a band called Doc*or And The M*dics. They're still touring.

B: ?

ME: ?


  1. I better not write Norman Greenbaum in here, or all the google searchers will be directed to you, won't they?

  2. I much prefer Noman Greenbum.

  3. A young music fan once told me how he loved The Offspring because "they do great original songs like Smash It Up".

  4. Vicus - Thank you for not mentioning Norman Greenbaum.

    Kaz - It has a ring to it.

    Istvanski - The young have the excuse of ignorance. The old have the excuse of brain cell loss.

  5. I do*'t und*rst*nd th* *oint o* th* st*rs!


  6. It's so I can't be googled.

  7. Blimey. Your office sounds like a bag of laughs - that is good material for a sitcom there. I rather cruelly convinced our 25yr old receptionist last year that Beck (Hansen) was Hansen's (awful dental brace-wearing band of hormonal brothers) Dad. I swung it on saying: Yeaaah! Look at the hair - they have all got shoulder length blond hair and are short. They look just like him.

    I feel so bad - she believed me - and still does. I was going to tell her the truth but have decided not to.

  8. Tim - You have to be so careful, don't you?

    Romo - It is a bit like a sitcom. I try to be 11 minutes late every day. I thought Jeff Beck was Beck's uncle.

  9. Bev*rl*y Cal*ard's tits.

  10. It's too late for the asterisks. They come over in their droves for Bev's jugs.

    "Seasick Dave" is another one.

  11. Rockmother - I did a similar thing to someone in our office a few months ago, never thinking she'd believe me. I had every intention of setting her straight, only now I can't remember what lie it was I told her.

  12. The way you can both annunciate asterisks is amazing.

  13. Our asterisks are galling.