Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jo Brand and the Bruvvers

Last weekend I spent editing all Betty's 60s and 70s compilations down to eight cracking CDs. It was time well spent.

This weekend, inspired by the latest Uncut Magazine CD of influences on Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding and Nashville Skyline, I have bought a Woody Guthrie compilation. And to complete my old music spree, I spent the remainder of my HMV voucher on a Lonnie Donegan skiffle CD.

Lonnie was feted on the first of BBC4's Pop On Trial discussion programmes. As big an influence as Elvis on British 60s bands, according to the panel of Joe Brown, CP Lee and 50s throwback Pete Wylie. Stuart Maconie chaired the discussion with his usual chummy aplomb.

On the website you can vote for your favourite track from each of the decades, though I'm not sure if you can tell them which you think is "the most important, influential and entertaining decade". Which is the premise for the series as far as I can tell. Maybe that vote comes later.

I can't decide which is my favourite song from any decade. I like several from each of the lists provided. Why can't we vote for our least favourite? Why haven't they got a shitlist? Surely a decade can be judged by its worst as well as its best.

Back to Joe Brown. Joe got away lightly when it came to a stage name. No Wilde, Fury, Eager, Pride, Power, Gentle, or Fame for Joe. He got to keep his real name. Joe said that Larry Parnes wanted to call him and his band Elmer Twitch and the Fidgets! And Joe refused!

Like the prostitute thing where you have your first pet's name followed by your first street's name, there should be something similar for one's Larry Parnes' name. I'm working on it, but for now Betty has given me and my imaginary band the moniker of Rory Fire & The Coals. I am seventeen and have smouldering good looks.

What's your Larry Parnes' name? The best one will receive a record contract with Pye Records.


  1. To pilfer one from Absolute Beginners: Soft-Sox Granite.

  2. I found two tracks from both the 80s and the 90s that I have on my ipod. Am I fucking cool, or what?

  3. Amiable Denis Corduroy and the Moderately Dishevelled Trainee Actuaries.

  4. I saw that Stuart Maconie programme. Joe brown was there for it all wasn't he?
    I saw Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochrane twice ... once in Blackburn and once in Blackpool.

    My name - Rachel Rampant.

  5. Billy - God, I read that book about 100 years ago. And saw the film about 50 years ago. I seem to remember the book was a teeny bit better than the film.

    Vicus - Culture Club and Boyzone are nothing to boast about.

    Romo - I presume that's your prostitute name. Betty says the surname should be your mother's maiden name. So mine's either Cindy Cornwall or Cindy Prowse.

    Tim - I thought Billy Childish got there first with that name.

    Kaz - Yeah, but I bet you didn't see Redwood at Crayford Town Hall. Rachel Rampant's my favourite so far. I've mentally got her picture on my wall.

  6. Pansy Slackmoor.

  7. I don't think 50s Britain would be ready for a man called Pansy.

  8. I always liked the idea of being in a band called Billy Deflatine and the Windy City Six.

  9. There wouldn't be a moshpit.