Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Skiffle Piffle

My Lonnie Donegan double CD is getting on my tits. It was not cheap, it was a tenner. For a tenner I expect the raised plastic bits which the CD holes fit over to be intact. As soon as I opened the case for the first time, they both crumbled. I expect this from cheap CDs, though why I'm not sure. They can't be saving that much by using crap packaging, surely. Still, at least the front of the case hasn't broken off. Yet.

Another thing that pisses me off about this compilation is the fact that it is a double rather than a single CD. Several of the songs have various versions. There are about five Midnight Specials coming down that fucking line! I don't want four studio versions and one live version of the same song. I want one definitive version. The best. That goes for anybody, except maybe the Beatles whose German versions of their classics sound like different songs. What kind of anal completist actually enjoys listening to the same song over and over?

"But Geoff, didn't you notice the bass player farting halfway through the second chorus in Midnight Special Take Three?"

No, I didn't. And I couldn't give a bollock about it.


  1. It's just not worth it Geoff!
    For all our sakes, please, chuck it in the bin now and forget about it.

  2. Has it got the Electro_house remix of "Does your Chewing Gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?".

  3. I always preferred Chas McDevitt & Nancy Whiskey meself.

  4. Beth - I will, but first I will have a play with it on itunes and sort out the wheat from the chaff.

    Murph - I'd like to let the Aphex Twin loose on it.

    Tim - I have so much to learn. I always thought skiffle was Deryck Guyler and Roy Castle.

  5. I'm relieved that you're not an anal completist - best to stick with C of E methinks.

    I could never be doing with Lonnie Donegan.

  6. Trouble is, the CD cases are mass produced by a couple of companies and used by both cheap and expensive artists. And those plastic tabs are fragile and easily damaged in the store or post. Gotta learn to live with it - it's the music, not the plastic case that's important!

  7. Surely the Deryck Guyler revival is long overdue?

  8. Kaz - C of E have never let me down, not since we all took the piss out of the vicar at primary school. Lonnie's not rocking enough for you?

    Llewtrah - Maybe they treat the cheaper CDs with less care.

    Anthony - Deryck was King of the Washboard Blues.

  9. I hate those disintegrating box inners and I feels like a real swizz doesn't it when there are five versions of one song - all four of them being shit. I never really liked the cheeriness of Lonnie Donegan. Plinky plonky happiness with clever lyrics - too sickly for me. Ebay.

  10. ....But what is "Donnie Lonnegan"?

    I'm baffled.

    With you on the shoddy cd-manship though, I dropped a case recently (Hits 99) and it disintegrated into tiny shards. And what am I supposed to do now? Hits 99 is without a case, and I can't walk around my room in barefeet anymore.


  11. There's a guy on the washboard every Thursday at Jovita's, with Cornell Hurd, but he doesn't do it with the aplomb of Deryck. Perhaps because he doesn't have the tash.

  12. Romo - These Lonnies are the early blues covers. If we didn't have Lonnie we wouldn't have had the Beatles and without the Beatles we wouldn't have the Hoosiers!

    Cal - Those shards can be lethal.

    Arabella - Deryck appeared in Please Sir AND on a Shakin' Stevens album. He was unique.