Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Brits 2006

Before watching this I had already mentally prepared what to say. I was going to say how ironic it is that in a show called The Brits, the only sign of any talent is demonstrated by two Americans, Prince and Kanye West. I was going to say how sick I am of seeing the Khazi Chiefs, KT Tungsten, Jamie Blunted - I saw enough of these jokers on New Year's Eve on Jools' Wankananny.

I was going to say how I'd just about had enough of having to fast forward through yet another teeth-grindingly mammoth performance by Green Fucking Day (little did I know that they couldn't be there so we had to put up with Coldplay doing a lamentable U2 impression).

And as for Weller and his award for his major contribution to musical conservatism...

But after watching The Brits, I'm just reminded that it's now two years since I started blogging. I started off with fourth form poetry. A year later I was in the sixth form magazine.

And now? I've no idea. I can only judge myself with the benefit of hindsight. What I do know now is that The Brits are a waste of breath. But I've now got almost a handful of readers and each of you has impeccable taste in not just music, but film, tv, clothes, and shoes.

And when you've finished reading this, just take yourself over to the nearest mirror and take a good, long look. Do you see what I see?


You're beautiful.


  1. Alas. The mirror cracked. And as for my shoes, I've just seen the damage they can do. I wore a pair of Fluevogs to a wedding and it turns out they reflect the light. As a result, I've ruined all the wedding photos with my glow-in-the-dark shoes. No matter. All that people are really interested in is Geoff's shoes, anyway. Oh, and I watch a lot of rubbish TV, i.e. Footballers Wives. Love your fourth form poetry.

  2. What is this strange dimension of which you write?

  3. I had to google Fluevogs, MJ. That's how up with the fashions I am. I see they've got a shoe named after the singer of the Dandy Warhols and their men's shoes all seem very pointy-toed. I feel extremely untrendy now.

    It was on ITV, Vicus.

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