Wednesday, February 08, 2006


In the shop window there’s a Valentine’s card with an illustration of a really crap cartoon cat. The cat’s licking its lips and is surrounded by pink and purple hearts. The only words on the front of the card are ‘BIG GROWLY HUBBY’.

And hubby must be a big fucker because of the size of the card: about 3ft x 2ft. Only a really big fucker needs a card that big.

And he’s growling? No surprise really when his wife wastes good money on shit like this.


  1. I detect a touch of jealousy here. I suspect, even as I write, that Mrs G is preparing a succulently romantic day with you, featuring cuddly toys and lots of affectionate pet names, so don't feel left out.

  2. You're right, Vicus. If I received a card that big I'd tie it to my chest like a sandwich board and display it to the world to prove how much I'm loved.