Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blameless Bob

Being a ridiculous kind of manager stroke administrator, I often receive what I can only describe as "useless stuff" through the post and via email. Only this morning I received an email headed, "Headset Heaven!" Of course, having no truck with those Scientologist fruitcakes, I deleted it without opening it.

A company called SkillPath regularly sends me the same information about the same seminar which they seem to hold throughout the year. It's offered to managers and supervisors and it's titled, "Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behaviour (How to get the productivity, cooperation and results you need without incurring resentment or damaging relationships)"

I wish they'd stop sending me this rubbish. The employees I supposedly manage behave perfectly acceptably in the main. But SkillPath seems to think there's a problem. And that if I supervise one or more of these employees, I need to take action NOW! Yes, NOW!

1. Antagonist
2. Blameless Bob
3. Whiner
4. Thumb-Twiddler
5. Insubordinate Subordinate
6. Tortoise
7. Amy Attitude
8. Hand-Holder
9. Early Retiree
10. Worrywart
11. Clock Watcher

Gee, is that the time already? This lunch sure is for wimps.

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