Thursday, April 20, 2006

Searches for Geoffs

1. Geoff Geldof
2. Geoff Charles
3. "Geoff" and "drums"
4. Winkle stinky Geoff
5. Geoff Stone Air Conditioning
6. Geoff's nipple
7. Geoff Ray Ward

I'd better say straight away that no. 4 was not my nickname at school. My nickname at school was Bubbles, named after who I think was a Richard Beckinsale character, nicknamed Geoffrey Bubbles Bom Bom. There is also a link of course to West Ham (as in I'm forever blowing...), i.e. not Michael Jackson.

I don't know if there are any Geoff Geldofs. Obviously he wouldn't be Bob's son as Bob's son would have a silly name. What do you mean isn't "Geoff" silly enough?

I've only seen Sir Bob once on a day trip to his home town, Faversham in Kent. He was walking around town with his family and we kept bumping into him (from a distance). Of course I had to point at him and say "there he is again" every time we saw him. I'm sure he wished me dead.

The lasting memory of that day is watching Bob feel and taste the fruit from the greengrocer's market stall, eventually buying some. Bob Geldof can do this. If I tried the same thing the greengrocer would kindly tell me to fuck the fuck off, I'm sure.


  1. I saw Bob, Paula and two children once struggling across a street with shopping. It was in a side street near Piccadilly and after dark. They seemed very very normal.

  2. I heard rumor that Bob's daughter Peaches wrote to Gwyneth Paltrow imploring her not to name her daughter Apple. Evidently Gwyneth ignored her.
    A local DJ suggested that the reason these celebrities name their kids after food (Apple, Coco, Peaches) is that they think about food all the time since they're always starving themselves!
    If I had named my son after a food, it would have been Chocolate Pudding, since that's the main thing I wanted to eat for the 8.5 months that I carried him! Luckily for him I'm not a celebrity, so instead he was named Michael.