Friday, April 21, 2006

Searches By Downright Weirdos

1. Tickeld by the feet
2. The blood runs like a river through my dreams
3. What do boys really think of women in white?
4. What are the 12 pantomimes of a liar?
5. "Aryan flu" baby
6. Fizzy urine
7. There's nothing like this what we have sip a glass of cold wine lyrics
8. Coronation Street death clips
9. "Stink bug" phobia
10. Alzheimers described as a train journey

I'd love to know the answer to no.4. I can only think of Puss In Boots. That leaves eleven more.

And come on, boys. What do you really think of women in white? Good marriage material? Good cricketers? Or accidents waiting to happen?


  1. I swear number 8 was not mine.

  2. I wonder if they found any?

  3. Snow White Lies And The Seven Dwarves?

    Alladin and the 40 Fibs?

  4. number 8 was my favourite.

    whoever googled number 2 might want to seek some professional help.

    weirdos. everywhere. someone got to my place by googling "husband knickers". and i haven't even written about that.


  5. aren't all kitchen utensils white.....?

    (Old joke, humble apologies etc)

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  7. I asked him if there were any alternatives. He advised me to drink my own piss.

  8. I think I was the one who did the search on stink bug phobia...
    Kidding. I do have something of an insectophobia, so why would I want to be looking at pictures of creepy crawlies and making myself think of them!?