Thursday, April 20, 2006

Celebrity Searches of a Sexual Nature

1. Sharapova armpits
2. Michael Owen's cock
3. Jesus Christ Superstar wears frilly knickers and a see through bra
4. Gunnar Nelson Groupies
5. Jimmy Savile necrophiliac
6. Shag Holly Willoughby
7. Geoffrey Howe wet dream

No. 7 is the most disturbing image I can imagine...

Go on. Get your rocks off.


  1. What, even more disturbing than Jimmy Savile on the pull?

  2. I am no 1 on the list for "Paula Radcliffe poo". I do not know why, but the same person (I assume there cannot be more than one in the entire galaxy) enters that phrase into google every week.
    Now that the phrase is in your comment box, you may inherit the no 1 spot from me.
    I also had "woman being fucked by a gorilla" turn up on my virtual doorstep. Which woman was not specified, but I suspect Golda Meir.

    usndo - first person plural conjugation of the verb "to do" in Suffolk.

  3. I also got a link just now from your web page, from someone who had translated it into Spanish. I do not know whether this was a person of Latin derivation who wanted to broaden his/her mind, or someone who had decided that this load of old tosh must be in some kind of code.

  4. Richard - Yes, even more disturbing than Jimmy Savile with a cadaver.

    Vicus - I think you overestimate my popularity. I'm sure you'll retain your top spot.

    This translation thing is really taking off. It started with MJ's blog being translated into Japanese. Mine definitely isn't accurate, though. I'm sure "bollocks" isn't "bollocks" in Catalan.

    I know you're going to say bollocks is bollocks all over the world...

  5. I think Vicus would remind you that it's bollocks ARE bollocks ...

  6. I got your Catalan link as well. I should have checked to see how they translated your 7 celebrity searches of a sexual nature.

    Just consulted a Catalan dictionary and the Catalan word for "bollocks" is "collons."

  7. I'll tell my mother. She's off to Barcelona next week.

  8. I vote for #5 as the most disturbing with #1 as a second.