Friday, April 28, 2006

The Spiders Eat Mars

I'm confused.

Looking over someone's shoulder this morning at what I thought was The Daily Xenophobe, I saw the headline, "Piggy Stardust", basically an article taking the piss out of David Bowie's new-found weight.

Now I look on The Xenophobe's website and I see that "with a hint of a double chin and a wide smile, he looked much healthier than in his hollow-cheeked days."

Being a fan of the old Bowie, I much prefer the former approach.

So does anybody remember these lines from some of David's old songs?

The return of the fat white duke

Ground control to Major Tom...Take your slimming pills and put your corset on

We can eat them, just for one day. We can eat Cheerios, just for one day

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky...We know Major Tom's a chunky

Let's not dance...I'd rather sit this one out and tuck into the buffet

My sides are splitting. Literally! I'm on the Bowie Diet!


  1. Life On Mars Bars.

    The Man Who Ate The World.

    I will have to think about this one and get back to you.

  2. He did it himself on David Bowie - We Are Hungry Men.

    there's Diamond Hot Dogs and...

    Then he had that band, Tin Opener

  3. Golden Wonder Years

    Mash to Mash

    Revel Revel

    Double Diamond Dogs

    Kit Cat People

  4. Aladdin Sandwich.

  5. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Cheetos.

  6. Boys keep swigging

    Oh you chicken wings

    Memory of a free lunch

  7. Ah well. Since I look like Miss Piggy, I have no right to comment on David's more robust physique!

  8. Queen Rich Tea Biscuit

  9. Suffridgette City
    Diamond White Dogs
    Hallo Fatboy
    Scary Monster Munch
    McDonalds Drive In Saturday

    and the medley Blue Jeans Under Pressure

    This is great fun. God bless him. If i was a chameleon like multi-millionaire musical genius who changed modern music forever, I'd be partial to the odd pie. The fact is, even as a penniless musical idiot i've been known to indulge.

  10. It took a heart scare for David to calm down and pig out.

    Chunky Dory.