Saturday, April 22, 2006

Searches Made By Dirty Perverted Perverts

1. Aunt sex
2. Man watches wife getting fucked
3. Tickeld guys
4. 'Smelly knickers'
5. Dog meaty cocks
6. UK nudist blogs
7. Wearing my little sister's frilly knickers
8. Matronly breasts
9. Hairless bollocks
10. Bare breasts in sheer tops
11. Wet knicker close ups
12. Pictures of obese men with large breasts
13. Hairy sucking grannies
14. Wet dreams hire
15. Grannies sucking cock

I am proud to say that none of the men (I'm assuming they're men) were successful in finding any of the above images on either of my rather prudish blogs. I did not encourage these men and as soon as they entered my sites they would've realised that I do not peddle pornography. I do not even pedal a bicycle anymore as I've heard that the friction of thigh on saddle can make some poor souls horny.

I'm sorry that over the past few days I've felt the need to illustrate to you, my reader, just what kind of people are out there in blogland. It's a warning, yes. But hopefully you've also found it a rich seam of entertainment.

I'm just glad my grandmothers aren't here to see it.

And my big-titted great-uncle.


  1. Possible new search term: "Friction of thigh on saddle."

    What criteria did you use to assign your headings? e.g. "Tickled guys" is under "Searches Made By Dirty Perverted Perverts" yet "Tickled by the feet" is classified under "Searches by Downright Weirdos."

  2. I think they were both made by the same person (the spelling "tickeld").

    And this person is both a weirdo and a pervert. A split personality, indeed.

    I think "friction of thigh on saddle" would be popular amongst the hunting fraternity.

  3. Well I've just searched for several of those and they didn't come up in the first 50. Either your're making them up, Geoff or there are some real saddos out there who look at every single entry. Personally I favour the second judging by the freaks that turn up on mine.

  4. I promise you they're not made up. But why choose me? I think it's because of Google's William Burroughs' style cut-ups.

    I feel another post coming on.

  5. EEEEK! That's thoroughly disgusting.
    However, someone managed to find this post on my blog by googling the phrase "bitches getting slapped."
    This kind of freaks me out. Look at the post if you want. There's really nothing vaguely pornographic in it and it's really not terribly violent either!