Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I keep yawning. My ears itch. Surely the penicillin should be working by now?

I am at the bottom of the garden amongst the toadstools, playing keepy uppy with Pat Nevin and Graeme Le Saux. We are 19 years old, 4 inches tall, and beautiful.

Elizabeth Fraser calls us in for some elderberry cordial.


  1. Are you "dancing with the green fairy?"

  2. Because I'm so square I had to google that, MJ.

    Did you know "Modern absinthe was invented in 1792 by an extraordinary French doctor called Pierre Ordinaire"?

    A bottle of Pernod used to be my dad's Christmas Day treat to himself.

  3. Peter Ordinary? Sounds like a "John Smith" type of name that you'd use to register at a hotel for a dirty weekend.

  4. The Extraordinary Doctor Ordinary sounds like an end of the pier show.

  5. Oooh, I used to have a book called 'Incredible Phenonomen' which had a whole section about the Cottingly Fairies with that photo.

    'Cept the werewolf section gave me nightmares.

    Geoff - a bottle of Pernod on Xmas day - sounds like a very sensible way of getting throught the whole horrors of it all.

  6. Extraordinary Doctor Peter Ordinary presents...

    The Green Fairy in...

    A Cottingly Production...

    "A Bottle of Pernod on Christmas Morning"

    (I can see it now)

  7. Ah, that rare bird, the Guardian-reading footballer.

    I remember when the mighty Nevin was interviewed in the NME, discussing his love of Joy Division and the Tate Gallery. Best thing about being a footballer?: Playing football. Worst thing about being a footballer?: Everything else.

  8. Le Saux was in the Guardian on Saturday - Pictures With Meaning. His favourite picture seems to be a photo of a Giacometti sculpture.

    He found it incredibly exciting coming up to the bright lights of London as a 19 year old. He could take in all those galleries with Pat Nevin!

    Not exactly the same reason Frank McAvennie moved to London.

  9. Oooh Absinthe. They sell that in a shop on Old Compton Street. That shop is ace. Have you been there? If not, you should get down there and get some....and I'd recommend the melon vodka. Yum. That should sort you out. I hope you are ok.

  10. Old Compton Street?
    Melon vodka?

    I know what I'm doing this weekend then :)

  11. Last time I had vodka I fell backwards and almost bumped my head. I try to stay clear of spirits, cider, and beer. Although the odd glass of beer is ok.

    Strictly a weekend wine drinker.

  12. You can try some fermented yak butter on your toast in the morning. That'll set you up.

  13. Sorry about last night. I do apologise...these things are meant to go pear-shaped though aren't they? Sigh.

  14. Richard - Just when I was beginning to feel a lot better, you mention yak butter?

    Molly - No need to apologise. Not your fault. Blogger wasn't made for these times.

  15. Elizabeth Fraser....

    Wasn't she in the Cocteau Twins?

    I fucking HATE the Cocteau Twins that I can't even be bothered checking the spelling.

    (PS, last time I had vodka I punched my friend's boyfriend in the face and then passed out in the bathroon all night. Other party-goers weren't best pleased.)

  16. Maybe you'll learn to love the Twins. I didn't particularly care for them until a couple of years ago.

    The last time I had vodka I thought someone had punched ME in the face. It wasn't you was it, Spin?