Sunday, August 13, 2006

Geoff's Shoes

These are my new trainers. I wore them in Nottingham a couple of weeks ago. And yesterday I wore them to my mum's.

"Did those laces come with those shoes?" she asked me.

"Yes. Why?"

"They don't look right. Brown laces would look better with brown shoes."

"They're not shoes, they're trainers."

"OK, but white laces still don't look right."

"I think they look alright."

"They do brown laces in Sainsbury's."

Does Mother know best?


  1. I bet she also said 'they'll show all't'dirt our Geoff'. Oh no she's not from up here is she.
    I agree with mum, but as a compromise I think you should have one purple lace and one yellow one.

  2. no, she doesn't.

    that is all.

  3. And here begins again the ever popular Google search for "Geoff's shoes."

  4. And then I remember how she used to dress me when I was young: v-neck jumpers with polo neck insets, itchy trousers and oxblood shoes.

    No, she has no right to dictate how I dress. I am my own man.

  5.'ve got to keep the white laces. They are much nicer than brown. She'll be buying you some of that 'spray for shoes' next to protect them from the wet. What is that spray anyway? I reckon it's just water.

  6. Don't know about the colour, but the length puts me off. I refuse to wear any footwear with more than three pairs of holes, otherwise it just takes too long getting them on and off. Unless you tread down the backs by doing that without undoing the laces. And I'm sure your mother would have something to say about that.

  7. Saw a pair of RED trainers once. Didn't buy them though, Judy-Garland-goes-sporty isn't the look for me.

  8. Yeah, Holyhoses, all those eyelets are just sooo confusing.

    Maybe what Geoff needs is a nice pair of slip-ons.

  9. I think I'm too old for them anyway.

    Betty said I looked like Jack Douglas with the accompanying trousers.

    So a pair of Farah slacks and some slip-ons it is.

  10. Have you considered Velcro fasteners?

  11. Is that for my trousers or my shoes?

  12. I intended it for your shoes but now that you mention it...