Thursday, August 03, 2006

Freshen Up Your Blog...

With Ewe Tube


  1. Let me guess. The ewe is watching a video of Paul McCartney’s Ram

  2. She likes her men horny, MJ.

    I've always wanted advertising on my blog. Do you think it's as good as "Go To Work On An Egg"?

    For a better sheep based joke than mine, go here.

  3. This is v.funny. I think it is better than 'Go to work on an egg'.

    Can you be joint team leader with Betty please?

  4. Betty's at the shops. I'll try and persuade her when she gets back, Molly.

    If I'm going to do it it'll have to be between 7.45 and 9.45 weekday evenings. Ooh, I'm such a busy man.

  5. Sweet maryjesusandjoseph..

    ANGUS! Be a gud laddie and roon ahn fitch mee rubba boots noo.

    Thank ewe! I was getting a bit overwhelmed by all of the 'you gotta see this' YouTubeans out there in the blogosphere.

  6. will probs be Tuesday eve at about 8ish. I think. I'll put up something nearer the time.