Monday, August 28, 2006

Sheer Heart Attack

On the right of the picture you can see the last few steps we walked down yesterday, on our way to the Faerie Ring. As we started our descent of the hill, a mad jogger was ending his ascent.

Shorne Wood Country Park isn't a bad place for a walk. We hadn't been there for a few years and had always seen the odd rabbit on the bit of grassland two-thirds of the way round the mainly wooded red trail. Yesterday, we didn't see the odd rabbit.

The place was very busy. The car park is so much bigger than I remember. And the new visitor centre/cafe really deserves a more idyllic setting. It is constructed in local sympathetic materials and the piss water from the toilets is recycled as drinking water.

The two teenagers whacking branches against tree trunks, having a competition to see whose bit of branch would fly furthest were not really in harmony with their local surroundings.


  1. I was walking down a small but steep mountain track in Wales last year when a jogger shamed me by running past me on his way up. He was in his 70s. Ever walked in Cobham Woods?

  2. Never walked in Cobham Woods,
    Walked in scary Lessness Woods.
    The Beast of Lessness walked by day,
    And frightened Geoff and Betts away.

  3. When I was a student we walked through there one January evening. It's like a scene from some 60s biker movie because you're walking along the path when this rather large circular mausoleum looms over the trees. You can clamber over it and act all studenty and daft. My friend Pete appeared from one of the coffin niches and as he was albino with a largish afro and wearing a crombie, this was an unnerving site. I think it did actually feature in a biker movie.

  4. Why are teenagers always whacking something in the woods?
    I get exhausted just watching never see a runner smile.
    We have raccoons in our yard every night which I would gladly trade in for a couple of ODD rabbits.