Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Hero For Our Times

Walking along The Strand, I notice a Dad and his two kids ahead of me. Dad is dressed in casual England style teeshirt. The two teenagers are wearing England football shirts.

The girl has blonde hair in a pony-tail. She has the word "Beckham" on her back.

The boy is turned towards his father. I see sticky-out teeth and a gormless expression. He is lanky with short fair hair.

Come on. Turn, you bugger. You've got to be.

He is.


  1. Your only proof is if he broke into the Robot Dance.

  2. I think that's for a private performance in front of his parents.

  3. So he's doing The Strand instead of the robot. Interesting.

  4. He's fed up with fandango.

  5. It's a danceable solution, you know.

  6. Hooray. You get 15 points for a footballing celebrity.

    Just for comparison, rock superstars of the 60s are 50 points, minor punk artists get you 22.5 points, and soap actors range between 2 and 7 points. That's for the woman who played Bet Lynch, obviously.

    Stephen Hawking is 25 points anywhere in the country, unless you're in Cambridge, where he drops to 1 point on account of not being able to escape very quickly.

    Sorry. It's a complicated game, but you get the hang of it after a couple of years.

  7. I did the Strand yesterday. Didn't see anyone dancing like robots though.