Friday, August 11, 2006

Hot Stuff

These people are not my friends. I'm not in the sauna with them, behind the camera, a towel covering my modesty.

The Holy Grail light shining from the midriff of the bloke at the back is not real. What you see is a poor photograph of the front of an advertising booklet. I am not a good photographer.

The words on the front of the booklet, above these four charming young people, are "What is it like in your office during the summer?" The booklet is advertising air conditioning.

Now if this was my office, I would be very unhappy. Because it looks as though I'd be the one doing all the work. To be frank, each of these four employees look as though they're in the midst of their own highly personal erotic dream. I wouldn't mind if it was in their lunch hour but they can't all be on the same lunch, surely. Who's going to cover for them? Muggins, that's who.

It's alright, guys and gals. I'll answer your phones. Even though the calls are probably personal ones from some model agency or other.

This is just typical of the younger generation. They really think they can have it all.


  1. Yes, I quite agree with you Geoff. This is one of the reasons I am now longer involved in high commerce.

    I am disappointed though as I had imagined that the young lady on the left was your good lady.

  2. Since we had air conditioning installed in our office, I've had to wait until lunchtime before I can engage with my own highly personal erotic dreams.

    Most dis-spiriting.

  3. Hello Muggins:
    Anything to avoid the bloody sauna. I do like a nice hot steam room though.
    So 'they owe you one' and you can have fun when you collect. Grab every chance to have people in your debt.

  4. ah, once again I am thankful to be middle-aged - being young in the '70's was sooo much more fun than it appears to be now - and in those days the only attention we paid to advertising was looking for subliminals after indulging in various substances. Where have all the subliminals gone? (they actually made more sense, too!)

  5. It's clear to me they've all just nodded off. Which I can tell you reflects my typical work day. Truth in advertising.

  6. I think it's about time one of them made tea.