Monday, August 21, 2006

The End of An Era

I am losing the ability to communicate. I think I gave the impression that I saw Peter Crouch walking along The Strand. I didn't see him.

My dream blog is probably at its end. I've run out of dreams and I haven't had any new ones for months. But, hey, at least I didn't go out at the top of my game and finish a year ago, eh? If you left one or more comments on it, thank you. If you didn't like it, I'm sorry for wasting ten seconds of your life.

This blog will go on forever, however. I may not get many comments because I do not give many elsewhere. As I said, I'm losing the ability to communicate. I can't think of many witty comments and certainly no serious ones.

So this blog will go on and on even after you're all sick of it. I promise to continue to try to be entertaining. Yes, I said "continue", I really have been trying these past 15 years.

In other news, we have just finished watching the brilliant I Claudius. Or "One Clavdivs" as we called it. Then we watched a programme about television portrayals of the Romans. And an unknown (to me) comedian on this programme said that at school he and his chums called it "I Clavdivs".

So our humour is on a slightly lower level than that of twatty 14 year old schoolboys 30 years ago.

Top of the Form, Ma!


  1. We watched I Clavdivs, too, but I have to admit that the most pleasurable moment for me was the bit of Rod and The Faces they showed after one of the episodes.

    Seminal, though, wasn't it? Especially Derek Jacobi's affected vocal mannerisms, which went down in Playground history, and were copied extremely badly by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs.

  2. Yes, I Clavdivs was what we called it at school, too. In fact, I think some of us went further and got more in the spirit of it with "Aye, aye Clavdivs"

    Is your new medication affecting your dreams then?

  3. I don't remember any Clavdivving from school. I feel left out.

    I think only Derek Nimmo and Ken Clarke could approximate Jacobi's Claudius, Rob.

    Richard - I don't think my new medication is affecting my dreams but I'm having less facial jerks in my sleep - I used to be I Geoffreyus in my sleep. Not sure if the new pills are doing the job they're supposed to, though.

  4. Don't give up on the dreams Geoff...they will come back.
    And keep writing here.

    They don't make programmes like that anymore. It's depressing. It was Betty who mentioned 'The Singing Detective' too wasn't it? I wish there were some more talented writers out there who would give us something good again.

  5. I think we're stuck with the past in this country, Molly.

    Oh, and yet more Andrew Davies adaptations.

  6. Geoff - you are communicating with me very well and I didn't for a moment think you saw Peter Crouch.
    I have always enjoyed twatty schoolboy humour - it was the best part of teaching in Manchester. They all lose the knack at puberty - apart from you of course.

  7. Funny, I was watching the BBC4 'Drama Connections' thing on 'I Claudius' last night. Bit distressing to see Sian Phillips' atrocious facelift; George Baker and John Hurt look ravaged; Jacobi looks like a middle-aged woopsie antique dealer; but BRIAN BLESSED HAS NOT CHANGED ONE BIT. God, the man's a national institution. Albeit a deranged one.

    btw, everyone called it "I CLAVDIVS". But the real hardcore fans accompanied it with a snatch of the spooky music, and a quick snake impression.

  8. Thank you, Kaz. I think I'm still waiting for the onslaught of puberty.

    Tim - I really did miss out. I'm sure I wasn't sent to bed so there must have been something important on ITV. The opening titles with the snake were brilliant. We watched them all the way through every time, unlike The Sopranos where I always fast forward through the annoying music.

  9. As there was a certain amount of toga removal going on (Mum: "Oh dear, I don't think we need to watch that") I had to rely largely on the parents going out or "watching" it vicariously by means of anecdotes the next day at school. I did catch the repeats later.

  10. Flash Gordon was on the telly the other day, and I had exactly the same 'Brian Blessed hasn't changed ONE BIT' thought.

  11. Richard - I did get to watch Jack Pulman's final screenplay, Private Schultz at the time (starring a pre-alcohol ravaged Michael Elphick). I enjoyed it then but can't for the life of me remember it.

    Spin - There's a great Wyndham comment about Brian here.

    I don't think he dyes his hair, he's just got a very healthy lifestyle - all that exploring.

  12. You're much more mature than me, Geoff. My friends say I have the sense of humour of a 10-year-old boy. Yet I'm female. Please continue with Peril/Telly blog. You're one of my first clicks of the day.
    A long-time fan

  13. Cheers MJ.

    Peril/Telly blog will go on as long as Blogger allows.

    "Boooo!" say 16 year old boys.

  14. Hve just checked Wyndham's comment. Brilliant. I like BB even more now.

  15. don't you dare leave.

  16. I'm not going anywhere, Surly.

    We want Wyndham back, though.

  17. Robert thinks I'm Brian Blessed, I seem to remember.I'm scared of heights though so you won't see me BARE-ARSED NAKED up Everest. He's a caution, isn't he.

  18. I'm not keen on heights, either.

    I'd rather walk bare arsed naked up Bexleyheath High Street than fully clothed up any of Everest.

  19. I'm glad you're not abandoning this blog because I lurk here regularly and it always makes me laugh. (unless it's got football in it and then I just look puzzled).
    'One' is on slightly higher level than 'I', surely?

  20. Cheers, Mig.

    And you're right, 'One' is on a higher level.

    But not necessarily more mature.