Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Are You Reggae For It Now?

Listening to a compilation of the work of the great Prince Far I at the weekend, I thought it was about time I did another of my London Lite inspired quizzes. I thought Prince Far I would be a good start with a picture of Prince William and one of an eye flanking a picture of a far. Trouble is, I couldn't find a picture of a far on the internet.

So here they are, a football team's worth of reggae artists or groups. Who would you put in goal? And who's likely to put his dreads in where it hurts?

The reader with the most correct answers wins a copy of Judge Dread's 40 Big Ones (Remastered). I'll have to trust you if you say you knew ones which had already been answered correctly. Good luck!













  1. I've a feeling the Judge Dredd album won't be coming my way for Christmas, but here's a few answers anyway.

    2. Sugar Minott
    3. Black Uhuru
    6. King Tubby
    7. Joan Arrow-matrading
    9. Ewe Irish Whinger

    (I could be wrong about #2)

  2. Is number one Major Size Chopper, the most boastful toaster in St Kitts? Or maybe Gregory Isaacs?

    4: Jackie Mittoo

    7: Burning Spear

    8: Mad Professor?

    9: U-Roy

    10: I-Roy

    5's a bugger, though. I don't recall Judge James Pickles having a lover's rock period.

  3. 5. Dillinger. (Dill in jar).

    I'm going to bed now. Rastafari.

  4. Dillinger. D'oh!

    I'd put King Tubby in goal, as a veiled reference to Bill 'Fatty' Foulke.

  5. 1 Majah I Infection
    2 Sweet Drillin' NOT!
    3 Post Tubuligation Hop
    4 Jackie's Meat Time
    5 Dill Mah Pickle
    6 King Coconut's Honey
    7 She's Hot For Mah Spear
    8 Great Theory Einstein
    9 Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    10 I Roy I
    11 OK Brain I don't like you and you don't like me...

    I have NFI, obviously.

  6. I did these without Google - I'll have another think because I'll be useless if you do a prog rock quiz.

    1:Gregory Isaacs
    (I presume it was grey grey - but that was stretching it a bit)
    2:Sugar Minott
    3: Black Uhuru (I like that one)
    7: Burning Spear
    9: U- Roy
    10: I-Roy

  7. Blimey, nearly all there. Only number 8 to go. It isn't Mad Professor (though it could be), but another dub warrior.

  8. Damn...I'm too late!

    No 1 is Shaggy (Mr Luvva Luvva) Ice Axe.

    No 8 is Shabba Ranks' brother, Taxi.

    Or it could be Scientist.

  9. Yes siree, Bob Marley!

    The full line up...

    1. Gregory Isaacs (Grey Grey!)
    2. Sugar Minott
    3. Black Uhuru
    4. Jackie Mittoo
    5. Dillinger
    6. King Tubby
    7. Burning Spear
    8. Scientist
    9. U-Roy
    10. I-Roy
    11. Yellowman

    Thank you to all who took part. The next one next year I'm going to have to make a little harder. I'm having some trouble getting the Judge Dread CD. Daddy Kool say they can't get them for love nor money.

  10. Can we start over?
    I was somehow under the impression that you were after song titles...
    damn these new spectacles and prescription pharmacalogical deliriant accelerators.

  11. You've given me enough song titles for my new album, Donn.

    I hope you like cod reggae on the Bontempi.

  12. Anonymous9:44 PM

    I'm rubbish at these kind of things. Is one of them Prince Buster? He'd be my striker...

  13. I think you deserve a good slapping for the "grey grey" I'm afraid Geoff.

  14. All very well, but what's the formation? Who's playing 'in the hole' and who's got 'a good engine'?

    Dill in jar - very droll.

  15. Billy - That would be Prince Harry, a bus and a star.

    Murph - It sounds posh, doesn't it?

    Malc - Burning Spear would be the midfield playmaker. I-Roy and U-Roy would be nightmares for the commentators.

  16. I think I may be totally out of my depth here, but I gave it a bash anyway.

    1. Major Major Eye Axe.
    2. Sugar...mine...rope
    3. Queen Stick Roo
    4. Jackie...Meatclock
    5. Pickle.
    6. King Blackbee
    7. Which Spear?
    8. Scientist
    9. Lamb..roy. EWE ROY! You roy?
    10. I roy?
    11. I give up. Homer and his amazing Reggae band?

  17. The last decent reggae tunes were produced in the 80s so it's no surprise you may not have heard of them, Cal.

  18. Thankfully I have other talents.

  19. But this is important!