Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bring Back Steamboat Willie!

In anticipation of Jools' Hootenanny here's Dave Edmunds who will wipe the floor with Duffy, Adele, Lily Allen, Granny Annie Lennox et al. Christ, what an awful new year that sounds like.

The Hold Steady will bore us shitless with their third rate Springsteen-without-a-tune sound, Martha and the Vandellas will be drowned out by Jools' Big Ungainly Band, Sam Sparro will make a swing-style sow's ear of his classic single Black and Gold, The Ting Tings will do the same two songs we heard to death at every festival televised on the BBC in the summer, Dizzee Rascal will have a live backing band with Gilson fucking Lavis on big drums and Svang will be this year's novelty act in the grand tradition of Seasick Steve.

There, you don't need to stay in now, do you?

Anybody who can tell me the significance of the title has my undying love.


  1. Personally I would like to ffwd>> it all. Ziiiiiiip. I can't bear to watch another hootenanny I really can't.

  2. I fear that the cryogenically preserved mind of Disney has somehow found a way to telepathically communicate with you.
    Steamboat Willy is the springboard from which Walt started killing off the Mothers of all his protagonists for the next 5 decades..a practice that remains in effect to this day..what better way to establish empathy for your character than to make them an orphan! Oldest trick in the book.

    Um significance? Let's this Hootenanny, Steamboat Willy is also reknown for it's cruelty to dumb animals.

  3. So - in a desperate effort to inject some positivity - what's your dream New Years Eve line up then Geoff?

    And at least three of them have to still be alive.

  4. My dream New Year Line up would be Tiny Jools Holland and his massive ego ... against a wall.

    "Steamboat Bill" was part of the original Disney Cartoon soundtrack which was the first to be "post produced" or dubbed on afterwards. Which is what should happen to the Hoot.

    I'm trying too hard, aren't I...

  5. Oh, and, Steamboat Willie? Something to do with The Old Grey Whistle Test? Now THAT was a proper New Years Eve.

  6. Romo - Can't you sort out a From The Basement special with someone with a sense of humour linking the songs?

    Donn - Mickey is now unrecognisable from the original. He was so mouse-like.

    Beth - I'd like to see a review of the year with Cut Copy, Hercules & Love Affair, Midnight Juggernauts, Elbow, Kings of Leon, Wiley, Gnarls Barkley, etc. Get rid of Jools and his Big Band, get rid of all the twatty liggers and the pipers and get in a decent presenter like me. Me without the shyness of course.

    Murph - I'd like to twang his braces so hard that he would be catapulted into the sea.

    Beth - You're right! And it was.

  7. I'm not going to watch it. It's too smug these days... but anyhow... I dreamt of Russell Brand last night... It was rather good! Thank-you for the idea!

  8. Sorry - not really a comment, but Happy Christmas/Solstice etc (since I don't seem to be keeping up with blogs at present).

  9. Scarlet - Smug to say the least! I'm glad to be of service re. Russell.

    Llewtrah - A good one to you too.

  10. Scarlet, it was supposed to be MY night for Russell!

  11. I saw Dave Edmunds in the Half Moon Putney when I went to see Dwight Yoakham. He was wearing a simply gorge red drape jacket.

    Class, pure and simple.


    wrunge personification: casten

    I think they were on the Hootenanny last year, weren't they?

  12. MJ - You wait your turn!

    Bob - The spirit of Welsh rock and roll.