Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What I Did On My Holidays

As me and Betty are miseries who don't buy each other presents at Christmas, not even a goat for the poor, I tend to receive the same things each year: Amazon vouchers from my office brethren and HMV vouchers from my mother.

I am now fully spent and satisfied.

From Amazon I got four (YES, FOUR!) early Warren Zevon albums. Playing his Best Of this week I thought it was about time I did so. I first heard Warren on a friend's car radio on our way back from the Bromley Motor Pageant in 1987. He was being interviewed about his comeback album he did with REM. Like all REM-related music after their first few albums, Sentimental Hygiene doesn't really hold up today but Warren's early stuff is still fantastic.

"But what was car-hating Geoff doing at the Bromley Motor Pageant?" you say.

"Some of my friends were into classic cars," I say. "And the twist-dancing fifties throwbacks were very erotic."

From HMV today I got some real bargains.

The two series of Early Doors from when Craig Cash was still good,

And, inspired by last night's Shooting Stars Fest...

The Original Vic Reeves Big Night Out
Bang Bang It's Reeves & Mortimer
and the marvellous Catterick

All for £32!

I'm going to celebrate tonight by watching the Most Annoying People 2008 on BBC3. Bloody bollocks to Jools.

Have a safe night y'all!


  1. I am preparing a T Shirt with the last 4 words of this post.

    They will be available on ebay as soon as the rush has died down.

  2. Who gets your vote for most annoying person of 08?

  3. I already saw the most annoying thing. I had never heard of the person who came first. The most annoying people were the commentators on this third rate guff who I had not heard of either, apart from the utter cunts who write for the arsewipe end of the tabloid spectrum, who are responsible for thrusting the activities of the supposedly most annoying people on the general public in the first fucking place. Twats.
    Happy new year.

  4. Murph - I hope there's a picture of his smug face on them.

    MJ - It's a toss up between Auntie Pam, Molly, Tyrone and the new Shameless-style family on Corrie, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Myleene Klass, Peaches Geldof, Kelly Osbourne, Gyles Brandreth...and these are only the people I see on the telly or in the paper. The most annoying person who got personal this year was Wife In The North.

    Vicus - We're recording it and noticed Rowland Fucking Rivron commentating. He is the most annoying arsehole on Jools' Hootenanny each year, and that's saying something!

  5. We haven't met Auntie Pam over here yet.

    I'll consider myself warned.

  6. What amazes me (and I assume they'll do it again this year) is that the Beeb always show a repeat of the Hootenanny about a week later. Who the hell watches that? And why, fer gawdsakes?

  7. MJ - It might be a good year after all! Auntie Pam may be fatally injured in an explosion! The only downside is her death could bring together Molly and Tyrone again. Still, at least when they're together they're not with anybody else.

    Chris - We turned it on just before midnight. Lenny Henry said he hopes to see a black president in 2009! There's not even the pretence that it's screened live. We were wondering what would have happened if they'd filmed Eartha Kitt and Bo Diddley for the show (before their deaths). Jools is like the cat that got the cream. The least he could do would be to give up his new year for the good of the nation.

  8. I was only thinking yesterday as I looked through the TV schedules - 'I wonder whether Geoff will really desert Jools?'
    We took Early Doors 1 and 2 to Spain - Great Stuff.
    I used to love Big Night Out.

  9. We resisted the temptation but have recorded it and will watch the 15 minutes of highlights later today.

    The nineties and noughties have been a golden age for tv comedy. And I mean that most sincerely.

  10. Send money, guns & lawyers!
    I am compiling a list of the albums that I am transferring onto my puter...songs that I could not beg, borrow or steal on the internet or in stores.
    My faves so far are the three albums by Charlie.

  11. Warren was one of those artists loved by the music press but not so much by the public. Though those that do like him like him a lot.