Friday, December 12, 2008

My Book Club

The other night I dreamt Russell Brand was my mum's boyfriend. And I was jealous of him! I gave him a basket full of green apples either to show my envy or to bribe him to leave her alone.

When I saw my mum last night I didn't tell her of the dream. She doesn't like Russell Brand. He's too crude. Paul O'Grady, now that's what an entertainer should be like.

I told her about the choice of free books we got at work, only 0.0000001% of which got a review.

"Did you get the George Chisholm one?" she asked me.

"Is it an autobiography? I thought he was dead."

"No, not 'Chisholm'. 'Grisholm'. Did you get the George Grisholm book? Your stepdad's just ordered it on eBay."

"Oh, 'Grisham'! John Grisham!"

"That's it. Did you get it?"


John Grisham


  1. Easy mistake with so many of 'em to chiz from.

  2. I liked George Chisolm. I like to think it was him doing that muted trombone wa-wa-wa-waaaa thing whenever Kenneth Connor got drenched with water and had to pull his miserable face.

  3. Green apples cause diarrhea.

  4. My Booky Wook by thingy...

  5. Murph - "Duncan Chisholm from Inverness is one of the new breed of Scottish fiddlers". Do they bloody farm them up there?

    Tim - George was my favourite tromboner.

    MJ - I could have kidnapped my mum whilst Russell was stuck on the bog.

    Scarlet - I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoyed Booky Wook.

  6. I've yet to read it. And I'm looking forward to it, I am a bit of a fan.

  7. *changes title of post to "My Booky Wook Club*

  8. D'OH!
    Atleast you won't be forced to slog through Volume 25 of the Philosophy of Roderick Chisholm!

    My theory that belongs to me is as follows. This is how it goes. The next thing I'm going to say is my theory. Ready?

    This theory goes as follows and begins now. All Philosophies are thin at one end, much thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end. That is my theory, it is mine, and belongs to me and I own it, and what it is too.

    I think you get the idea...

  9. Oh's December 13th!

    Happy birthday, Geoff!

  10. Happy Birthday, Geoff! Age cannot wither you, nor custom stale your infinite variety; other bloggers cloy the appetites they feed, but you make hungry where most you satisfy...

    W.Shakespeare, Geoff and Betty, Act 2, Scene 2

  11. Happy Birthday Geoff.
    I've nothing to say about Chisholm, Grisholm or Grisham.
    I'll get back to you on Booky Wook.

  12. Scarlet - I even like Ponderland!

    MJ - I couldn't do that with respect to my mum who reads the Mail.

    Donn - The Philosophy of Melanie Chisholm is more up my street.

    MJ - It's very gloomy outside but there's sunshine in my heart.

    Christopher - Thank you.

    Kaz - Cheers! I will never read a Grisham though I may read another Brand.


    Yes, Ponderland has me in stitches... he did British holidays the other night.. I've seen it twice before and I still laughed.

  14. Happy birthday Geoff! Since you're the one person who ever looks at my blog, I owe you a great deal.

    Grisham has a magnificent moustache.

  15. Scarlet - Thank you. Just don't look at Russell's teeth!

    Cal - Cheers. You deserve a lot more than just me.

  16. Happy Birthday Geoff. Hope you had a nice day. x

  17. Thank you Romo. It was a lot better than today.