Friday, December 19, 2008

"Was Stewart Copeland In Generation X?"

The Police are on Elvis Costello's chat/mutual-dick-sucking show.

The wildest story Andy Summers can think of from their life on the road concerns Andy and Sting once sharing a bed. Hey, hey, rock 'n' roll!

Sting mentions the strange phenomenon of people using Every Breath You Take as the first dance at their weddings. It's about a stalker, says Sting.

Yes, Sting. Anybody with half a brain knows that. It's just that most Police fans don't have half a brain.

Elvis counters with his story of his song I Want You. He's had letters saying what a beautifully romantic song it is.

But it's about obsessive, psychopathic love! From Elvis's self-parody phase, which continues to this very day.

To finish off the show, The Police and Elvis and the Attractions play some cod reggae together to an audience of elbow-skanking middle-aged rich white Americans.

I chuck up all over the carpet.


  1. First - and I had to come all the way from 'abroad'.
    One of my readers noticed that every time I read 'Sting' I reply with something about tantric sex.
    *Tantric Sex*.
    Actually I blame you.

  2. You really are getting into the spirit of the season aren't you?

  3. Are you playing Christmas carols instead?

  4. My word somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed..
    Yes Yes I've always hated that expression too...
    and speaking of bed and Stingo..

    Tantric Sex is a myth..
    4 f*cking hours?
    HEL-LO!As if?

  5. Gordon Sumner
    What a Bummer
    What an anus
    Questioned by MacManus
    Could only have been intra viries
    With Jools doing "routine enquiries"

    (I don't know what intra viries means but couldn't think of anything else to rhyme)

  6. Kaz - Copeland said if they played all their songs they'd be playing for five hours. And we all know Sting can keep it up that long.

    Vicus - I can't help loving my fellow man.

    MJ - With Sting on lute.

    Donn - He practices by sticking his...penis in a bottle, oh yeah!

    Murph - Copeland was even more of an arse. I know it doesn't seem possible.

  7. Cod reggae? Am I right in thinking that's something played by Bob Marlin and the Whalers?

  8. Ha! It has a hook. It was originally recorded on reel to reel.

  9. I somehow managed to have stopped myself drom making any Trudy, madly, deeply puns...must be losing my nerve.

    I'll need to have another listen to The King Of Pain and Omega Man.

  10. What really pisses me off about this is that Costello has slagged off Sting and the Police loudly and forecefully at regular intervals for the past 30 years. Not for the usual reasons (that they're nobs) but because (or so he claimed) he couldn't stand their music.

    His marriage to Harry Connick Jr With Tits has clearly softened him up. I think a messy divorce, a drinking binge and an embarrassing rant about black people are in order.

    And your post title did my head in. I spent about 10 minutes thinking "He wasn't, was he?". The guitarist did join this lot, though.

  11. The thing is, I don't think Sting has half a brain either. I'm pretty sure he wrote Every Breath You Take as a straight-forward romantic song and it was only when people started saying 'oo-er, that's a bit scary and stalkerish' that he changed his mind and said 'oh yes, I MEANT to do that.'

  12. It's not the first time Elvis has let me down over the last 30 years, but I don't know if there's any way back from his latest 'errors of judgement'. Other than what Tim suggested maybe.

    Didn't Stewart Copeland write Generation X?

  13. Donn - Stand away from the turntable!

    Tim - This series is produced by Elton John and David Furnish. The guest on the second show is...Elton John. I was expecting a bit of caustic humour but it was all too nice and chummy, all musos together. And when Sting got his lute out to do a duet with Elvis...The title was one of my crap oblique ones. It was Douglas Coupland who was in Generation X, of course. I much preferred the film Westworld to the band. Or even the song.

    Annie - You could be right. He does give me the creeps. Elvis also did a song called You Belong To Me. Maybe they've got more in common than not, what with the cod reggae, etc.

  14. Beth - I used to love him and hung on his every word. I once went to three of his gigs on three consecutive nights. Then one day I lost interest in most of his music. I don't think it bothers him too much.

    I like to do over the top impressions of his singing voice still, though.

  15. Poor carpet.
    When will you be installing laminate?

  16. Probably not the first time this Christmas someone's been sick over a shag.

  17. Haven't seen any of the 'Spectacle' shows yet - taped the Rufus Wainwright one, but haven't had a chance to exhume it from the televisual morgue that is my Hard Disc Recorder. I will probably get round to watching/erasing it this time next year (see latest post)

    I've stood next to both Elvis Costello and Stewart Copeland, on both occasions in record shops (Elv in Our Price, Richmond as was and Stuey in Virgin Magastore, Oxford Street). Elvis was going through the racks of LPs (this was about 1979 I suppose?) and you know how you take out the ones you're interested in buying and hold them in one hand while you keep flicking through the pile with the other? Well, Elvis was taking out about every other record and so had a wadge about 6 inches thick in his hand.

    Stuart Copeland is massively tall and had two almost as large dogs with him when he shouldered next to me at the Oxford Street store.

    I didn't trouble him for an autograph...

    Have a great Christmas Geoff and thanks for reading us and your comments etc over the last year


    groat stupefaction: pershe

    Robin van?

  18. Cheers, Bob. Have a good one yourself.