Monday, December 03, 2007

The Guido (As we call it here)

I'm a needy blogger. I leave comments, not only in the hope of the "LOL, I snorted cocaine all over my monitor" type response, but also in the hope that I will get comments back from that person on my own blog. What a needy bastard!

Most of us are the same. But there are some who don't go pimping their blogs to all and sundry. And some of these are bloody good, too. The following are my favourites. Think of it as Geoff's own Guardian Guide, only better than the stuff The Guide recommends...

Beyond The Implode
I read, but I never comment. Betty reads but she never comments. We're a bit scared.

Musings From Middle England

Willie's back! I was very sad when he stopped. Now I'm very happy he's back.

Ritual Landscape
Essential reading, though you pimps can't comment. Just read and enjoy!

Toasty's Futon
Toasty went. Now he's back. Or is he? Come back, Toasty!

Plug over.


  1. Geoff, you should be decorated for this update.
    Unfortunately, I will be reading their websites not yours in future.

  2. Thank you for reading all these years, Vicus. All the best.

  3. Thanks for this word-of-mouth update. Ritual Landscape is very good. I'm inspired.

    Inspired to give up, that is!

  4. Ritual Landscape is indeed excellent.

    I might start commenting more - as long as it doesn't matter if I say things like "First!" or "Seventh!" and nothing else. If you would you prefer them with a bit more content I might struggle.

  5. hah!

    If you would you prefer them with a bit more content I might struggle.

    If you would prefer them to be written in English I might struggle.

    That'll teach me to publish without previewing

  6. I've never visited a chatroom or internet dating site or Friends reunited etc. - so I like the interaction provided by 'pimp blogging'.

    Oh and you can do it in your dressing gown and you don't have to smile.

  7. Thanks for the plug Geoff. I have just posted a picture of mushrooms on Ritual Landscape in your honour.

  8. Murph - You can't give up. Not before me, anyway.

    Beth - I like your comments. Long, involved comments are not to my taste.

    Kaz - We have more fun than all those chatroom people. And as for getting in touch with your old classmates...I'm in my shorts as I've been home sick all day.

    Telepathy - You're welcome. Thank you for the mushrooms, they're beautiful.

  9. No, they're not as good as you. I guess I'll stick around a bit longer.

  10. Welcome back, Vicus.