Monday, December 24, 2007

See You On The Other Side

It's Christmas Eve, babe, in the drunk tank...

Well, no, not really. I'm not getting drunk, I'm having just enough to make me fall asleep in front of the telly between midnight and 1 a.m. The same as I have at all other weekends of the year.

Each year I think I'm going to try a new drink. This year's was Gin and Dubonnet, the favourite tipple of our current monarch and her deceased mother. The problem is, when would I drink it? I'm not one for aperatifs as I don't have a sit down meal where I have to make small talk with people I have little in common with. Because that is the raison d'etre of an aperatif, isn't it?

So no new drink for me this year. Oh, apart from the port I've bought for Christmas morning, bringing back happy memories of my first alcoholic drinks, the Christmas port and lemons, no stronger than a weak shandy or snowball but nicer than both.

Our Sky+ box is taking one hell of a hammering at the moment. It's 50% free but that won't last for long, there's just so much on! I've recorded all the MR James stuff, knowing we watched most of them last year but not remembering which ones. We've just finished the BBC's entertaining new version of Oliver Twist, mourning the death of Fagin's crow at the hands of the Peelers and sniggering every time we saw the name of the actor who played Bill Sykes. Tom Hardy in a production of Dickens! English teachers all over the land will be wetting themselves.

Tomorrow we will turn the computer on and read any blogs that are active. We will toast you all with a glass of port. We will cook our salmon and steamed potatoes and carrots and green beans. We will microwave our individual Christmas puddings. We will sit down in front of Top of the Pops. We will think of all the suffering in the world, and we will remember...

...Mariah Carey is not just for Christmas.


  1. It is in watching dross like that that might cause me to return to drinking alcohol after a break of 35 years.
    I had heard of the young lady but never heard her before, and now I understand why everyone hates her.
    Was there a funny bit in the middle that I missed, or was it all the same crap? I couldn't stand more than 10 seconds of it at the beginning, and I checked the end in case she was shot by a passing Samaritan.
    She should be very pleased. She has single handedly fucked the chances of peace on earth as far as I am concerned.

  2. Next year I'll be posting Celine Dion.

    It's a series called Song Murderers Of The Twentieth Century.

  3. I got "Video no longer available" so I'm without a carey in the world.

    Ginger Wine always reminds me of childhood chrismases past.

  4. I experimented with Whiskey Macs a few years ago.

    Now I experiment with my Apple Mac.

  5. I used to buy port from Yates's wine lodge - Don't know if you had them dahn sahf. But my head couldn't handle it.

    My Christmas dinner will be just like yours plus cava and Sauvignon.

    Whan I worked in a bar I served someone with a whiskey and Mackeson (stout) thinking it was a Whiskey Mac...oops.

    Have a good one Geoff XX

  6. We eventually got a Yates's here about five years ago but it's full of teenagers.

    The Whiskey Mac misunderstanding is understandable. But still funny.

    Have a good one too, Kaz.

  7. Anything but Celine f-ing Dion!

    Well no matter what you post, you know I'll always come back. I'm like a bad smell, me.

    Merry Christmas, Geoff. I'm just home from work and filling my glass.

    Bring on Christmas Day and let's get it over with!

  8. Good Luck with that.
    Hairy Crizzmoose Geoff.

  9. MJ - This blog would self-destruct if I really put Celine on it. My glass is empty for now but I've only just had my breakfast. Give it an hour or two! Merry Christmas!

    HE - Thank you, you too. Ay ay ay ay Moosey!

  10. Season's Greetings! I have been given so much wine from my family I think they want to make me into an alcoholic ;)

  11. Hope your Christmas was merry!

  12. Llewtrah - We've now run out of wine and will have to get some more today.

    D Prince - In parts, it actually was.