Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Playing Cards

Last night I wrote my Christmas cards. I have three married cousins I send them to. They all have children.

The three sets of kids are known to me as...

1. & Thomas
2. & Boys
3. & Family

I'm sure Thomas wants to be known as "Tom" or at least "Tommy" by now. "Boys" are growing up, too, old enough to read and wondering why this "Geoff" person doesn't know their names. "Family" are feeling even more put out as this "Geoff" twat doesn't even know how many of them there are, let alone what sex they may be.

It's too much of an effort to ask any questions. I'll just have to make notes when we receive cards from them. Get it right next year.


  1. Groan. I've been putting this off. More babies arrived this year and I can't remember in all the moving where I put my piece of paper with the names and dates and who belongs to whom etc.
    I have been known to use, for example: "Merry Christmas to Dickens and all the little Dickenses" sort of thing.
    Ths year I might write cards using my left hand with the greeting "HELP".

  2. According to Canada Post, I've missed the international mailing deadline so you won't be hearing from me this year.

    You can scratch my name off your list.

  3. Arabella - This year Betty's been doing something similar, what with her broken wrist 'n' all. She's writing best in capitals.

    MJ - It totally slipped my mind to buy any stamps for Canada. I was so looking forward to the queue in the Post Offoce, too.

    p.s. I hope you've both asked for a card from Vicus. Hands across the water, etc...

  4. Vicus and Ann (no 'e')
    Or Messrs Scurra and Widdecombe.
    Or Stud and Bitch.
    I am not fussy as long as the card is expensive.

  5. If only you could make an honest woman of her, Vicus.

  6. I'd like a card from Sid but I'm too shy to ask.

  7. I got a card where the "merry christmas" bit was crossed out and replaced with "merry bah humbug".

    I was most impressed.

  8. Oh crap. Is it Christmas already?

  9. No, I haven't asked Vicus for a card.

    I fear he would fill the envelope with mysterious spores.

  10. What's wrong with etc.?

  11. Ziggi - You just want to see his handwriting.

    Billy - That's good. Ebeneezer Goode.

    Istvanski - One of these years you'll miss it, you're so engrossed in your guitars.

    MJ - But what a way to go!

    Kaz - That would create a talking point.

  12. All my colleagues get " ... & family" unless I know for sure they're single and childless.

  13. I know my work's colleagues' kids' names.

    It's just my extended family I don't know.

  14. I'm happy when I can remember my own name.

    Also, sometimes I'm itchy.

  15. oh, and happy B-day.

  16. Thank you, Rimshot.