Friday, December 14, 2007

The Sex Blog Girls

There's a famous quote, fuck knows where from, that men think about sex every seven seconds. It's a load of bollocks, of course. But what about women?

Girl With A High Sex Drive says, "Every seven seconds? What about the other six?"

Jesus Christ, that's scary. That's getting into Michael Douglas territory.

As far as I know, this is the first UK tv programme about blogging. Of course they concentrate on the naughty naughty naughty sex blogs written by women, with nice soft focus pictures of young thin women with small pert tits sitting bolt upright in front of their sexy laptops wearing nothing but knickers and stockings. What a load of shit!

Girl With A High Sex Drive is quoted as obtaining 100,000 readers a month after her first six months of blogging. After eighteen months it was a quarter of a million a month. By her second anniversary it was two and a half million!

This, of course, is bollocks, too.

If I counted all searches for Beverley Callard's breasts on this blog as "readers", I'd be deluding myself something rotten. I think Girl may just have had a few more rude searches than me.

They say there's a blog created every second. There are 343563677468575786789096 million blogs active on the internet at any one time. Good ones, boring ones, funny ones, excruciating ones. There's an interesting documentary or two to be made about this phenomenon.

This wasn't it.


  1. "written by women, with nice soft focus pictures of young thin women with small pert tits sitting bolt upright in front of their sexy laptops wearing nothing but knickers and stockings. What a load of shit!"
    How else do you visualise me, then?

  2. I picture you in a dirndl, Vicus.

  3. I must admit I DID see Vicus as a small pert tit.

  4. I was confused by this quote. Did she mean that there are 13 seconds in a minute then? I've been teaching the kids all wrong...

    I like Girl With One Track Mind's blog a lot, but it was a particularly stupid programme - eg claiming that she had 'invented' sex blogs, which I'm sure she wouldn't claim for herself, and that they originated in the UK and 'inspired' America afterwards - right, because of the kazillion people who live in the States, nobody had thought to write about sex on the internet before then...

  5. Someone found my blog today by Googling, "how to get a woman to sit on your face."

    Do they provide such information on these blogs? If so, I consider it a real public service.

  6. Vicus - Come on, your tits dropped years ago.

    MJ - Congratulations. Dirndl is word of the week.

    Murph - No, Vicus is a Great Tit. One of the best.

    Annie - I felt sorry for her. The credits seemed to suggest she was involved in the making of the programme. But the visuals and the voiceover were beyond shit - for pervy men whereas her blog was for women and men alike.

    MJ - That sounds like it would be a specialised blog for people with long noses.

  7. I won't be interested in a TV programme about blogging unless it features Britain's Premier Husband And Wife Blogging Team (TM).

  8. A Peek Behind The Net Curtains?

  9. 343563677468575786789096 million blogs??
    That's good news - it's very unlikely that Kev or the people I slag off will ever find me ...and my pert tits.

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  11. I thought it was a very poor programme because of it's cheap titillation. If that's what the viewer wanted to see, then I'm sure there are bloggers who can recommend such internet sites that are free and easily available without having to give credit card details away for verification purposes(ahem).

  12. Kaz - And you can't be dooced, so you're safe as houses.

    Istvanski - It really was tabloidesque porn at its most ridiculous and tame. Where were all the stains?

  13. The thought of Beverley Callard's sagging, veiny dugs rather curdles my cocoa.

  14. They're very popular, Tim. Very popular indeed.

  15. Michael Douglas territory..HAHAHA!

    Actually I only think about sex every 7.1 seconds except of course now I am curious to see Beverley Callard's knockers...D'OH!

  16. No doubt phrases such as "sex drive" will get you a few more hits :

  17. HE - Seeing Bev's tits lowers your life expectancy . Don't do it!

    Llewtrah - I've had plenty of new "readers".