Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Kind Am I?

This Week
A man and a woman are watching tv. There is a break in the programme. The channel shows the trailer for The Motorcycle Diaries which is on over Christmas. The man says to the woman, "What kind of weirdo is going to watch that?"

Last Week
We are looking through the Christmas terrestrial tv schedules at work. TV Quick or something similar. The others are ticking off all their favourite shows. I'm getting depressed. I say, "The only thing I can see that might be worth watching, apart from Corrie, is that." I point.


  1. Is it the one with Barry Sheene and Martin Borman? I agree with her!

  2. I didn't think much of it.

    But then I don't reckon much to Corrie either. At least since Eddie Yeats left.

  3. *wonders what disaster will befall The Street this Christmas?*

    It'll be hard to beat the flaming Christmas pud tumbling to the floor of the Platt household.

  4. Murph - That's the one. Barry's brother Martin was in a film where he toured Greece on a moped: Acropolis Now!

    Tim - I might keep the box locked on BBC4 then. Eddie Yeats was last seen in The Liverpool Nativity as the angel Gabriel. "I love you, Livepool!" said the angel Gabriel as Jesus popped out. Sinbad is the current token big eating Scouser in Corrie. And he's crap.

    MJ - I think Sarah Lou's got something in store for David in the Christmas pud this year - possibly a few Ecstasy pills. Meanwhile in Carla's pudding will be her boyfriend's glass eye.

  5. How many box tops do I have to send in to get the decoder ring to this blog?

  6. Listening to Robert Elms this afternoon, he said "Motorcycle Diaries" and one of the St Trinians films are the only thing that we all must not miss on the box this xmas.

    I suppose he's feeling quite smug today.
    Have a good tv watching xmas, Geoff. You and Bettster, that is. Cheers.

  7. Looks like I'd better fet out the Reiner Werner Fassbinder DVDs again.
    Now they'll cheer me up!

  8. Rimshot - A lot gets lost in the translation from my brain to the keys.

    Istvanski - "Smug" is Elmsy's middle name. You have a good one, too. No decorating in front of the Queen!

    Kaz - We'll join you now we've got Berlin Alexanderplatz and the first box set of his films. We'll have a Fassbinder bender!

  9. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I'm looking forward to that French variety-style show in which they show loads of old clips from previous French variety-style shows, only this time with a load of familiar French celebs in the studio to make comments. It's cheap, and goes on too long, but it seems to amuse the French.

  10. The French need long shows to go with their marathon meals.

    Jolly Noel, Bob!

  11. I'd just like to point out that I was not 'fetting' out with Reiner Werner Fassbinder last night - and neither was I self medicating.
    I was rushing to watch the match on channel 5.

  12. Everton like winning away, don't they?