Friday, December 21, 2007

Tagged For The First Time

I've been tagged by Glenda. Thank you, Glenda. This is the first time I've been tagged in 25 years of blogging. It's a Christmas questionnaire. So it's probably best if I do it now while you're all still around. You are still around, aren't you?

When people say "Christmas" you immediately think...

My old nan sat two feet away from the telly in front of the Queen's speech, the volume turned up to maximum.

Favourite Christmas memory...

Hopping in the snow with Betty.

Favourite Christmas song/carol...

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas

Favourite Christmas movie...

It's A Wonderful Life.

Favourite Christmas Character...

The crow in It's A Wonderful Life.

Favourite Christmas ornament/object...

Pretty lights. And Kaz's robin.

Plans for this Christmas...

Stay at home!

Is Christmas your favourite holiday?

No, it's my least favourite. Every other fucker is off, too!

I tag Alison Moyet, Dave Gorman, Emma Kennedy, Stephen Fry, Richard Herring and Andrew Collins. Spread the festive blogging love, celebrities!


  1. The image of you and Betty hippity-hopping in the snow will stay with me for the day.

    Did you make snow angels too?

  2. No we didn't. We didn't throw any balls, either.

    I don't think I'll be hopping again, with my digestion. Nor Betty with her wrist.

  3. Hands off that robin it's MINE!

    Oh go on then - seeing as it's Christmas!

  4. That robin's got a lot of flying to do. Christmas dinner in Manchester. Boxing Day cold food and pickles in Kent!

  5. The Queen's Holiday message!
    Heart be still...*In my highest, nasally, tone:

    "Iyee have leeeved long eeenough too knew that theengs neverrr rrremain quite the same for verrry long,"

    "One of the theengs that has note changed, ohl that much, for me,
    is the celebrrrration of Chrrrrisssmass.

    "It rrrremains a time when I try to poot aside the anxieties of the moment, and rrrreemember that Christ was born to breeeng peeeace and tolerrrrance to a trrrroubled worrrrld."

    "The birrrth of a baby brrrrings grrrreat happiness, but then the business of grrrrrowing up begins...
    CHARLES poot that down and starrrt pay attention."

  6. Here in Canada, and HE will back me up on this, it is a tradition for the men of the nation to pee their name into the snow.

    Try it!

  7. I never thought Edward had it in him.

    Or rather, I always thought Edward had it in him.

  8. MJ - We haven't had any snow at Christmas since 1995. I haven't pissed out of doors since we were in the New Forest three years ago. Something's gotta give.