Friday, March 21, 2008

The Battle For Haditha

The UK's greatest film director of recent years is Nick Broomfield.

Nick's been making outstanding documentaries for years. But his last two films have been docu-dramas. And if you've been annoyed in the past by Nick's less than sexy voice or his less than sexy demeanour, please watch Ghosts and The Battle For Haditha because he is not seen or heard in these films.

Nick tells it like it is. There is no poncing about, no actors trying to find their characters by over-the-top acting in a Mike Leigh way. This is real.

The reality of the war against terrorism is clear in The Battle For Haditha. When your enemy is among the civilian population how do you react when one of your colleagues is blown up? A group of young men, ready and pumped up for revenge in a battle situation, hit out indiscriminately at the locals, killing innocent men, women and children, the only "enemy" they can see. The killing of innocents, of course, makes excellent propaganda for the insurgent recruiters, making sure the war on terror will never go away.

Corporal Ramirez is a young man, fucked up by all the death he's seen. He leads his men into battle. (He leads the mass murder).

The officers are pleased with the Marines' response. They'd acted as a finely honed fighting machine should.

"Royal Marines, outstanding job. Corporal Ramirez, you handled yourself like a true professional out there. I'm gonna promote you to Sergeant and I'm gonna recommend you for the Bronze Star. You kept your head in the Game and you kept your Marines alive."

There was a cover up. The official line was that it was a real battle, that the Marines fought back bravely and took the lives of many insurgents. Until the cover up was exposed and Ramirez and his colleagues were accused of murder.

Just to fuck them up a little more.


  1. War is hell.

    I'll have to watch this though, read a good article on it recently

  2. It should be mandatory viewing for everyone in the UK and USA.

  3. I've been indulging in more escapist viewing recently - but this sounds like the plot of Manchuriam Candidate... (the black and white one).

  4. I'm glad Harry Connick Jnr wasn't in this film.

  5. I only watch films with much ponceing about.

  6. If Pee Wee Went To Iraq you'd watch it!

  7. Brilliant!

    Get Tim Burton on the blower.

  8. I would but he's at the hairdresser's. No-one disturbs him there.

  9. Thanks for the tip, Geoff. I loved Broomfield's documentary on that dozy bastard Eugene Terreblanche.

  10. I don't think he's made a bad one.

  11. Reminds me of the My Lai Massacre, March 16, 1968, 504 unarmed South Vietnamese citizens, mainly women and children, are slaughtered by enraged American soldiers.

    This type of "collateral damage" is NOT condoned if the deployment is not done in person. Soldiers are only allowed to drop bombs on innocent civilians!
    How f*cking hard can that be to remember?

  12. The film did show some extremely accurate computer aided bombing, too. I presume the victims were guilty.