Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've Got To Admit It's Getting Smoother, A Little Smoother All The Time

Yesterday on Smooth Radio they played Love's magnificent Alone Again Or. Sandwiched in between WHAM! and Luther Vandross.

Today they've played Don't Stand So Close To Me, a song based on Sting's experiences as a teacher when he was often the "subject of schoolgirl fantasy."

What the song doesn't say is that the fantasies usually involved the heroic girls ripping the fucker's tongue out so that he couldn't sing.


  1. I think they liked the Bumble Bee sweater that he wore everyday for 12 years...eeew!

    This was well before the Tantric Sex thing so I have no idea what they were thinking? It's all bullsh*t. Sting was the one 'imagining' a little cross generational sex.

  2. I heard somebody the other day bemoaning the fact that top 40 playlist radio has taken the serendipity out of music listening that people like Peely used to nurture.
    Wham-Love-Luther sounds a pretty good eclectic mix however.
    Personally I would have gone for Wham then Lulu then ZZ Top followed by something on Tom Jones's original label. Wham-Boom-Bang-a-Bang-I Thankyou-MAM.

    Anyone else with better Ideas?

    (gets Betty's coat)

  3. Donn - "Don't stand so close to me" was what the girls were thinking because of his Bumble Bee-O.

    Murph - I think Smooth's tunes are put together by a naughty computer. They set it to whatever program is most suitable for the DJ. So the afternoon woman gets a smattering of women in offices type songs along with the usual random fare. My artists would be Captain Beefheart followed by Captain & Tenille followed by Captain Sensible. My radio station would be on a pirate ship.

    Vicus - Thank you.

  4. ...when he was often the "subject of schoolgirl fantasy."

    NO - when schoolgirls were often the subject of Gordon Sumner's fantasy. Trust me that's usually the way with these male schoolteachers.

  5. Mark Knopfler too?

    That ain't working, that's the way you do it!

  6. Money for nothing and your chicks for free! Sting on backing vocals - I can't remember my point now. Perhaps I better go back to Saga Magazine Radio FM.

  7. You can leave his tongue in.

    Just turn off his smug switch.

  8. Romo - Imagine those two out on the pull!

    MJ - He can be as smug as he likes as long as I never hear one of his songs again.

  9. If only Sir Macca had learned a little tantric fornication technique from Sting-O.
    He might have saved himself a bit of grief?

  10. Sting would be an ideal lover for Heather. With Macca the only thing in the bed stil hard after 5 minutes was Mucca's leg.

  11. The other schoolgirl fantasy was chucking that Nabokov book into a large dung vat down the local sewage works. I'm sure of it.

  12. "Read this, little girl. You may discover feelings you thought you never had."