Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Rough With The Smooth

I've had a bit of a result. My radio-listening work colleague has discovered Smooth Radio. Shit name, but the music's a damn sight better than Heart. A reasonable variety of pop from the past 50 years. Quite a bit of rubbish, agreed, but quite a bit that's good too. You just watch Heart's ratings plummet! The day it's buried I'll tramp the dirt down.

The problem is, Smooth's FM version gives a shit reception in our office. So I had a brainwave.

I've brought in my redundant digital radio for general office use. As long as they keep it locked to Smooth! And I can borrow the old office Radio/CD player to play my classical CDs in my lunch hour, thereby avoiding annoying Betty.

I am currently listening to Bach, calm in the knowledge I won't hear Take That 40 times today.

But Bach doesn't half go on, doesn't he? In fact I'm a bit fucking sick of him.


  1. That's Welsh composers for you.

    I bet yopu'll soon be sneaking back for a quick dose of Toby Anstis. He swims 4 times a week and has a degree in psychology, apparently.

  2. I didn't mind Toby. It isn't his fault he's got such a limited playlist.

    I don't know how much input Mark Goodier has into his show but he doesn't play any of the indie stuff he used to play in the 90s.

    What I like about it is there's no edge. Just imagine listening to Andy Kershaw as you sip your morning cuppa!

  3. I heard Graham Dean on Smooth FM at the weekend - it was both joyous and strangely comforting.

    I wish Tommy Vance was still alive.

  4. Doesn't BACCCHHH rather sound like you're being sick anyway?

    It's onomatopoeic.

  5. Romo - The good thing about Smooth is they don't play the same song by the same artist again and again. And whereas Heart's most played group is Take That, Smooth's is the Beach Boys.

    MJ - I've eaten too many Quavers.