Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ghost In The Machine

I went to bed last night with ten comments on my last post. I woke up this morning with four.

I phoned Betty and she said she'd post a comment to see if it worked.

Her new comment was emailed to me. I now had five comments on the post. Except the fifth comment wasn't Betty's new one but the original fifth comment I'd received a couple of days ago.

Betty tried again. Her new comment was emailed to me. I now had six comments on the post. And the sixth comment was the original sixth comment I'd received a couple of days ago.

Betty realised she was pushing the comments along. So she sent four more comments. And one by one the old ones came back. And now I'm back to the ten comments I had last night.

Shit, I hope Blogger isn't going to start messing me around. We had enough problems last year with Betty not being able to post anything on Blogger using our home PC.

What is it with computer programmers? As soon as they "fix" something they unfix something else.

That is an understatement.

Don't ask me. It's been a long year.


  1. You may want to get out more.

  2. Terry Wogan's 70 years old? Amazing! He doesn't look it, does he? I bet he works out :)

  3. The disappearing comments happened to two of my readers last night too.

  4. Yup, me too. I'm also getting duplicated posts. Tsk stupid computers.

  5. Vicus - Yes, it was terrible.

    Wyndham - I've been out and I don't like it.

    Frumps - He pole vaults.

    MJ - Phew. It's not just me then. Infamy, infamy, they've all got it....yes, we know.

    Annie - I still remember the Beta Blogger fiasco when half the comments in my archive became "anonymous". Maybe more "improvements" are in the pipeline.

  6. I don't get this Geoff.
    First I thought you said you had 10 commandments on your post which didn't help.

    Then I don't know whether Betty posted or e mailed.

    Anyway - deepest sympathy and I hope your blog soon feels better.

  7. I'm back on track and posting like a demon.

  8. Do your comments lose their flavour on the bedpost overnight?

  9. Telephone each other!? Do you both have separate wings in Utility-Peril Towers?? I see. All this 'salt of the earth', people-of-the-people and' telling it like it is' vibe has been an elaborate joke on us, has it. Bah. You can't trust anyone any more...

  10. Murph - I'll never live down that Lonnie Donnegan post, will I?

    Boz - We have a servant to pass the salt.

  11. Maybe I don't have enough comments to notice any difference.

    If nowt else, this un'll push others along.