Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy 70th Birthday, Sir Michael Terence Wogan, You Old Bore

When Wogan's eyes are smiling
He'll play some shit by Sting.
In the lilt of Wogan's laughter,
You can hear Katie Melua sing.
When Wogan's heart is happy,
All the world seems dull and grey.
And when Wogan's eyes are smiling,
Sure, you just wish he'd go away.

(Click here for tune)

Terry Wogan followed by Jimmy Young. Radio 2 always seemed to be on during my school holidays. My mum had the same holidays as me. Those were the dinner lady years.

I do so envy those born later whose mums would listen to the groovy sounds of Radio 1.

I'm joking.

My dad never listened to the radio at home. Maybe it was on at work and he never told me about it. He did seem to know a bit about modern music. He must have heard it somewhere.


  1. *clicks on tune*

    *turns volume up LOUD*

    *dies an untimely death in an unfortunate head swiveling fit of madness*

  2. Poor old Wogan. He seems to have gone a bit batty in recent years, doesn't he?

    Like Jimmy Young, Wogan was originally a Radio 1 presenter. Young was the Westwood or Judge Jules of his day. Apparently.

    They all go the same way in the end: from live 'n' kicking Radio 1 to the zimmer frame zone of Radio 2. Apart from the unctuous Slimon Bates, of course, who bypassed Radio 2 and went straight into obscurity, gawd bless him.

  3. MJ - Please forgive me. The last thing I wanted was a fatality.

    Frumps - What's The Recipe Today, Jim? was a precursor to Pimp My Ride. Radio 2 has gone from being the housewives' favourite to an all things to all people over 40 station. Give me Smooth any day. Simon Bates is now in that country gentlemen's rest home known as Classic FM along with other country gentlemen such as David Mellor, Henry Kelly, Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and Alex James.

  4. ...and here's Katie Melua singing "There are 9 Million Quids in Wogan's Wallet, That's a Fact, He's just had this Month's Salary".

    He was never the same after Dr Wally Passed on.

    Drew's Mum was a Dinner Lady. Victoria Wood could have had a field day.

  5. Arabella7:14 PM

    That was fun; I like a nice sing-along.

  6. Murph - Terry pushing Katie Melua was on a par with Chris Evans resurrecting Sharleen Spiteri. Know nothings giving a leg up to should have been nothings. I went to my only fancy dress party dressed as a dinner lady. Talk about Oedipal!

    Arabella - That's the spirit!

  7. I wonder if I have damaged my children by being first their dinnerlady and then climbing the greasypole of success to being the lady-in-the-office? Furthermore I do subject them to TW - I need something to drive me from bed of a morning.

    It's a worry.

  8. Terry Wogan went from being 'National Treasure' to 'National Treasury'.

    And it's all gone to his head - that's a fine rug of hair for a 70 year old.

    I agree with Murph about Dr Wally and his tin of rhubarb.

  9. Your heading contains a titular solecism.
    His Knighthood is honorary because he's not a British citizen, so he's not supposed to call himself 'Sir'.
    He does so on every possible occasion of course.
    Why doesn't that surprise me?

  10. I think I've seen that picture of Sir T with 'little Terry' at least five times too many.

  11. I'll never forgive him (or the BBC) for humiliating George Best, using a pathetic drunk for cheap laughs on his dismal chat show.

    Do remember when Jimmy Young was on Radio 1 and 2 at the same time? Still better than Moyles.

    And is it me or is Radio 2's music selected by a team of semi-trained chimps? The recent highlight was following Love Will Tear Us Apart with Kylie's Wow. Jesus!

  12. Ziggi - My mum was never my dinner lady but was my sister's. I would have been so embarrassed, even too embarrassed to ask for seconds. Wogan is probably the best choice of the national music channels for breakfast. Which is a sad indictment.

    Kaz - DJs and their wigs (or a certain DJ) had us in hysterics on Saturday. Dr Wally - is that Dr Fox?

    Willie - Do Wogan, Bob Geldof and Bono sit at a round table, addressing each other as "Sir"?

    Boz - Betty saved it to our computer for a previous post. It's our screen saver.

    Malc - I didn't see the Best interview but I would have liked to have seen Oliver Reed spoil a Wogan show. Anybody's better than Moyles. I really can't believe anybody likes him. There are more apt Paul Young songs to put next to Kylie.

  13. Oh god, not *that* photo. I only have to say "getting a Wogan" to Billy and it's like a cold shower.

  14. To get a Wogan you need to confuse your daily pills. Like taking your Viagra first thing in the morning instead of your statins.