Monday, August 18, 2008

None Of It Really Happened

Gabby Logan's just read out the countdown to the greatest Olympians as voted for by BBC Sport.

Unsurprisingly there are a few Brits in the list, including the greatest oarsman of all time, Sir Steve Redgrave, at number one. Yes, an English rower at number one! I'm sure if you were to ask the world's population who is the greatest Olympian of all time the name Sir Steve Redgrave would ring out time and time again. Mobbed wherever he goes throughout the world, the golden river god wants for nothing as ordinary mortals bow at his feet and shower him with gifts.

At number two is Jesse Owens. Who, with his glorious performances at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, "put an end to the idea of Aryan supremacy".

Thanks for that, Gabby. I know you didn't write it but you could have refused to say it.


  1. Or at least worn a belt masquerading as a skirt like Sharron did the other day. I salute her.

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Did they include the Black Power guys?

  3. I'm waiting for Kelly to get really angry and give her a slap!

  4. I'd vote for one of the blokes on the 118118 ads. Can't remember which one.
    Don't think he meddled though Geoff.

  5. Romo - Was it for the benefit of Adrian Chiles or Clare Balding? I know Adrian was getting very hot under the collar.

    Billy - No. And not one African athlete.

    Tim - Carlton could have been our greatest ever triple jumper.

    Kaz - Kelly's army training forbids her from attacking anybody white and blonde.

    Murph - David Bedford carried all our hopes. They weighed him down and he came sixth.

  6. I vividly remember Hitler's speech at the closing ceremony: "Fair enough, Jesse. You've proved your point. I'm now dismantling National Socialism and going back to finish the art degree."

    Top Olympian? Eric 'The Eel' Moussambani without doubt. 1min 52sec for the 100m freestyle in Sydney after which he said "the last 15m were very difficult".
    Four years later he posted a 56.64sec then forgot to apply for a visa to go to Athens!

  7. I'd rather watch The Eel than boring Dolphin Phelps.

  8. That's because you are a true curmudgeon geoff.

    Actually...can we have that as a sport at 2012? No other nation could touch us - I'd be the tug of war all over again.

  9. We'd have to call it the Sourpuss event for the Americans to compete.

    We don't want them boycotting us.