Thursday, August 28, 2008

Modern Film Is Rubbish

We've actually got round to watching a couple of recent films on DVD in the past couple of weeks. Both films included hangings.

Control ended with Ian Curtis hanging himself with the kitchen washing line. We didn't see him hanging, not even just his legs and feet. His suicide seemed to come out of a mysterious place as his depression didn't really seem that bad. Maybe his death was a massive surprise for those who knew him. I read Deborah Curtis's book some time ago and can remember very little of it. In the film, he seems to be torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool. But not really a suicidal one.
Film Rating: 6/10

The Last King Of Scotland included a hanging for Amin's extremely irritating, thick as two short planks yet irrestible to attractive women, Scottish doctor. Hanging was too good for this cunt. He was hung up by the tits then set down, half dead. I'm surprised Amin didn't cut his balls off. After all the randy medic had made one of the president's wives pregnant. And guess what? The twat not only survived but got away! Amin's previous personal doctor sacrificed himself to patch up the dumbfuck and smuggle him into a line of French hostages of the PLO. All so the git could tell the world just what life with Amin was like. As the world only believes a white man!
Watching the film, I was under the impression it was based on fact. It wasn't, it was originally a novel. What a load of bollocks! We learnt more about the Uganda of that time from the documentary on John Aki-Bua we saw just before the Olympics.
Film Rating: 2/10


  1. May I suggest an evening of old slapstick films to lighten the mood after this?

    Or maybe a Carry On marathon?

  2. Carry On Kampala, including cannibalism (cooking Amin curry)?

  3. Agreed. I saw 'Last King' and had zero empathy for that little prick.
    I did like Whitaker's portrayal though.

    Last night I went to see Tropic Thunder..yes I admit it...Robert Downey's thinly disguised parody of Russell Crowe is fabulous and the film will prolly confuse most of the regular dumbass kids that go to see Ben Stiller movies..
    the movie pokes fun at all of the famous Vietf*cking Nam movies.

    The supposedly secret highlight of Tropic is a redemption tour-de-force hilarious stint by Tom F*cking Cruise (remember how Travolta rose again like a Phoenix in Pulp Fiction?) well Laddy Tom is so over the f*cking top that he rocks! Honest.

    Yes he has redeemed himself in my ledgers (although I thought that he was perfect in Lions For Lambs)

    What do I know? It was way funnier than I had imagined and in a week or so someone will put his act on YouTube even though the Studio lawyers have been cruising the Interwebs shutting down everyone who tried to post pics of Cruise..
    Yes it's a brave new world.

    Sorry I know that you hate long retarded comments.

  4. So Downey plays a black Russell Crowe? Or is he playing Russell Crowe playing a black man?

    I'll see it eventually, just not at the cinema. Team America started something big! (Well, maybe not in Cruise's case).

  5. Agree with 6 for Control - Ian Curtis was OK in the performance bits - but much too 'together' in the rest.
    But I thought KoS was good with Forrest Whitaker.

    Thsy had to save the wimp for Keira in 'Atonement'.

  6. I liked Kevin MacDonald's One Day In September. Maybe he should have stuck to documentaries.

    Forrest Whitaker did a very good caricature of Amin. A lot better than John Bird's unfunny monologue that was all the rage for a while at our school.