Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Only A Game

Jonathan Woodgate, talking about Dimitar Berbatov's surly, sulky attitude since being made aware of Manchester United's interest in signing him...

"It doesn't give out a great message and hasn't exactly boosted the reputation of professional footballers in this country."

Yes, this is the same Jonathan Woodgate who was found guilty of affray before a brutal attack on an Asian student in January 2000. An attack so vicious that Jonathan's mate was sentenced to six years jail after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and affray.

Aah, but he was only young then, wasn't he?

Maybe Dimitar should have worked his bollocks off like James Milner did the other night for Newcastle against Coventry.

And then a couple of days later get the move he wanted to a club who "valued" him more, i.e. Aston Villa.

A translation from footballers' language: a club which "values" a player more is a club which can afford to pay higher wages. Yes, even more obscenely high.

The players have got the fans by the balls.


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Balls were heavier in the old days. Leathery.

  2. Arabella, is that why men used to wear such baggy trousers?

  3. Arabella - Heavy balls and crap wages. Jimmy Hill got rid of both.

    Betty - Yes. Look at Kid Creole.

  4. Both my teams were humiliated yesterday. You'll already know about the Rovers.
    Hope you enjoyed Russell's column.
    He got it spot on about premier league football and those who play it.

  5. It was just good to have Craig Bellamy fit for 20 minutes.

    I'm so glad Russell's back, on the day I finished Booky Wook too. "Sponsorship, agents and roasting" - the modern footballer is in thrall to all three.