Friday, December 08, 2006

Classified Results

Beatles 10, Stones 7

Lentil Soup 10, Leek & Potato Soup 2

Christmas 0, Birthday 4

Roeder 1, Pardew 2

Bergman 10, Almodovar 6

Antiperspirant 0, Trust Deodorant 8

Curb Your Enthusiasm 10, Lead Balloon 0

Paolo Nutini 0, Amy Winehouse 0

Ghent 8, Bruges 8

Ashes 0, Champions' League 0

Harvester 3, Victorian Restaurant 1

One score draw, two no-score draws.
Possible jackpot.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I think Amy Winegum could have pulled off an away win if she'd only agreed to go back into rehab.

    Also there is something vaguely appropriate about a "wet blanket" cheering on a trouncing home win for "curb your enthusiasm".

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    'Christmas 0 Birthday 4'
    Darn I'd predicted match cancelled due to lack of interest there.

  3. "Ghent 8, Bruges 8"

    What happened to Antwerp?

  4. Murph - Winegum and Nutella should really have scored one each because both can be sung in the pub singer style. One-all for comedic value, then.

    Realdoc - The trouble with December birthdays is that Jesus gets all the attention. He let in so many goals because he's a very static keeper.

    Billy - Antwerp drew eight all with Bruges about three years ago. You can't beat Belgian cities.

  5. Leek and potato soup is always disappointing isn't it?? I expect it to be like runnier actual mashed potato and it's always too watery. A real let down on a chilly winter day...

    ~goes to find out where she can purchase 'a life'~

  6. I assume it's Ingmar and not Ingrid.
    I'd still give Pedro my perfect 10.

  7. Violet - Leek and potato just don't go together. The only soup to rival lentil is pumpkin.

    Kaz - Ingrid would score 10 in a different match. I prefer the Swede's solidity to the Spaniard's flair.

  8. Richard10:51 PM

    Yes, Geoff. I had my Dad's pumpkin soup this evening and it's stupendously good. That'll be up from the conference next season, no doubt.

  9. Trotters 4, Hammers 0

    A PIG of a score.

    Sorry Geoff, we lost as well!

  10. Richard - Pumpkin's in the Premiership. Just thrashed carrot & coriander.

    Kaz - We're dead meat till Eggy brings down his axe.