Monday, December 11, 2006

On A Happier Note

A big hand, in fact several big hands, for Royal horse Neddy, who has been named Horse Personality Of The Year by viewers of BBC's One Gel And Her Horse, the primetime Saturday afternoon Royal Horse show on digital channel BBC Royalty.

Neddy, who is owned by the niece of the Prince Of Wales and named after his favourite wireless comedy character, received 100% of the 13 votes submitted by viewers pressing the red button.

Well done Neddy!


  1. You forgot to mention all the votes were by vets who are used to putting their hands up Neddy's red button.

    *That not very funny joke in memory of Alan. It was fun - some of the time - while it lasted.*

  2. Ah, the vet vote.

    As for Alan, we was all expecting that after Saturday, wasn't we?

    In fact I Moore than expected it.

  3. Richard11:22 PM

    Have you applied, Geoff?

  4. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I just hope and pray that you weren't one of those 13 votes Geoff.

    Altogether now: "Maybe it's a Big Horse, I'm a Londoner..."

  5. And did you hear that the Royal Horse Personality of the year is now advertising *Land Rover* in a ‘mud spattered white Cavallini dress and stiletto heels'?

    Photos by Mary McCartney from the other royal family.

  6. Richard - I trust the mekon to make the right decision. Anybody who can show suffering like he has the last two matches won't tolerate failure.

    Murph - I was too busy watching BBC Parliament.

    Kaz - Yes. Doing her bit for the environment like the rest of them I see.

  7. Looks like it's the Curbs. Do you think he'll give the Addicks a point? Charitable donations are tax beneficient

  8. efficient. Crumbs.

  9. You need a manager with a big personality in the Premiership nowadays.

    Quietly efficient seems to be the way forward. For now.

  10. Neigh neigh and thrice neighghghghgh!