Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Message From Jools Holland

Good evening all.

I hope you'll all be staying in tonight to watch my




Tonight my guests are Paul Weller, Sam of Sam & Dave, Amy Winehouse, Marc Almond, Ray Lamontagne, Madeleine Peyroux, The Kooks, The Zutons, and Lily Allen. What a show it promises to be!

To earn my tiny slice of the British public's money, I will also be playing the piano in my own particular way.

I do hope you'll see in the new year with me and not fall asleep as you did the previous 14 years.


Jools Holland

p.s. As a special treat, my good friend Rowland Rivron will be there to make sure the party goes with a swing. Please do not shout "cock" or "wanker" at the screen.


  1. P.S. It was recorded in August - but you'd never know!

    Happiest New Year Geoff X

  2. Cheers, Kaz.

    Happy New Year to you, too.

  3. Dear Jools,
    Go and stick yer boogie-woogie bollix up yer 'arris.

    (PS Happy New Year to both Mr and Mrs Geoff).

  4. Happy New Year, Geoff!

    May I shout "cunt" instead of cock or wanker?

  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I shall be watching it for his squeeky little voice, patronizing manner and in-depth interviews. It will be a hoot.

  6. I saw ten minutes or so after the fireworks. Seasick Steve was genuinely wonderful. Even my Dad was a foot-tapping. That may have been the seasonal dip into the Jamesons though.

    A Happy New Year to my favourite cynics.

  7. Happy New Year Mr and Mrs Geoff and Betty. Seasick Dave was brilliant if not a little scary in a sort of Deliverance way. Lily Allen has learnt to keep her trap shut and perform which is much better. Amy Winehouse was crap until the last two songs. As him who snores turned and said to me - 'do you think she has she spent too much time in the toilets shoving gear up her nose? She did a rendition of ska hit Monkey Man which was just incredibly shit. And don't get me started on Madeleine Peyroux - utter bollocks - sounds like she's got a toffee stuck in the back of her throat. Goodness - I might have to go and do a whole post on it. Oh - I just have! Bye x

  8. Happy New Year, everybody!

    Just got up as we kept replaying Hootenanny time after time throughout the night.

    I didn't get so angry about it as I usually do - I think I'm beginning to accept the status quo of crap musicians and third rate comedians I wouldn't normally give a stuff about.

    I wasn't that impressed by Seasick Steve - bit of a novelty act, I thought. And I did quite like Madeleine Peyroux though I wouldn't buy one of her albums - a bit too jazzy for my tastes. She wasn't helped by being drowned out by Jools' clodhopping big band. Sam of Sam & Dave can still sing. The Zutons were ok, I suppose, if you like that sort of thing. Kooks are tossers and I can't bear the smug Weller. There really is a hell of a lot of smugness round the studio on a hootenanny. Letting that twat from The Young Ones loose on a Sex Pistols song - now that is just taking the piss. What a knob.

    At least I know now why I get loads of searches for Rowland Rivron's wife - she's got big tits. She could be the new Beverley Callard.

  9. Anonymous6:02 PM

    With you all the way, old son! Particularly on Weller, who was so outspoken a few years ago about Eric Clapton being smug. Hah!

    Had to keep watching (from behind sofa) to see if Holland's "interviews" could possibly get even more embarrassing.

    They could.

  10. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Happy New Year geoff, I usually watch it but was out getting plastered this year and missed it. Paul Weller always was a smug bastard.

  11. Murph - But where was Jo Brand this year? Have they had a falling out?

    Realdoc - Happy New Year. Plenty more fruit today, I hope.

  12. Completely with you on the Weller thing. But novelty act? When Lily Allen's on the same show?

  13. She's a commercial pop singer. Not a very good one, admittedly.

    I'd give Seasick Steve 10p if he was busking and I was waiting for a bus.

  14. As no one else has seen fit to mention him, can I just say Ray Lamontagne - what a cunt?

    I prefer Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs' Seaside Shuffle to Seasick Dave or whatever he is called.

  15. A hybrid of James Blunt & Joe Cocker on helium.

  16. OWL-GOAT?

    I don't get it...

  17. But at least SS looks as though he comes from the swamp which is the intention; Lily Allen pretends she's on Trojan but can't get out of Crouch End.

  18. Anonymous8:30 PM

    So the consensus is that Holland was shit then? Glad I missed it. I was listening to Bernie Clifton on the wireless, discussing actors with a talent for playing the animals in panto. How romantic...

    Weller is a smug fucker, isn't he? Comes with being so right on, the right on brigade always are. Has he done the same as his fellow Red Wedgies Madness and started giving freebies away with the Mail, yet?

  19. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Is this some kind of 'grumpy old New Year club'?

    Jools is all about fun and having seen him live for the 6th year running, I'd recommend it to all grumpys. Every single person who has accompanied me has rated it amongst the best gigs they have been to.

    Hootenany is better than anything else on the box on NYE.

  20. You're right, Sleepless.

    I hate fun.

  21. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Hoot A Nanny.
    There's nothing I like more than a really bad pun!