Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Post Post

Since Royal Mail's reorganisation earlier in the year, we never know when our post is going to be delivered. Depending upon the levels of staff sickness and/or holiday leave, it could be any time between 8.15 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.

I spot a postal van outside my office window at 11.45 a.m. I go out to investigate.

A postal worker is waiting by the side of the road. I ask her if they have our post. She says yes, probably, but she doesn't know where the van driver is so she can't deliver it yet.

I relay this to a work colleague.

She says there was a Royal Mail delivery driver in her home town, a very intelligent good looking man, who one day stopped his van in the middle of the road and walked away. He never came back.

He can still be seen walking the streets, beard down to his navel, muttering to himself.

Twenty minutes later, our post is delivered.


  1. A lad I used to know lived in a bedsit. He had his own kitchen, livingroom and bedroom, but had to share a bathroom with the postman who lived across the hall.

    Ew, you might think.

    But no, the bathroom was spotless.

    This was because the postman didn't actually use it, preferring to use as his toilet a bucket in his flat.

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    That's beyond the pail, Spins.

    I'm not sure what Mrs Goggins would have made of all this.

  3. Spin - I hope he washed his hands before delivering the letters.

    Murph - Mrs Goggins sadly died in 1989.

    Pat's cat died in 1992.

    He left his van in the middle of the road in 1993.

  4. Anonymous10:15 AM

    After his redundancy and slide into drink, it was a shame that the "Pissedman Pat" series was abandoned at the planning stage

  5. I think they went a bit too far with him pissing through the letterboxes of those of his old customers that he didn't like.

  6. Didn't Michael Douglas do that in some film or other?
    I did it once when a bloke refused to give way in a narrow road. After staring him out for a few minutes I just abandoned my car and walked home.
    It was my finest hour!

  7. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

  8. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I thought you meant Michael Douglas pissed in his letter box.
    Dangerous game, I think....