Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Boris Johnson Limerick Post

Roll up! Roll up!

It's the Boris Johnson limerick post!

Let's be having your limericks about the great man in the comments section.

The man who promised to stop the rail workers from striking, who promised to rid the city of knife crime, who promised to reintroduce Routemasters, who promised to reduce your Council tax bill and give you better services, who promised to get more black men teaching black boys, who promised to plant a tree with the money he saved from scrapping the Mayor's Londoner newspaper.

Well, actually he has ditched the Londoner and planted a tree with his own bare hands.

Well, actually he didn't do any digging, just moved a bit of earth from A to B.

Anyway, here's mine...

There once was a toff with blond hair
Who had not a singular care
Whether young men were stabbed
Or their killers were nabbed
But he don't sleep at night now he's Mayor


  1. Mayor Johnson looks just like a cute master
    He's promied to bring back the routemaster
    This amiable buffoon
    Will be caught out quite soon
    And poor Ken is now pissed as a newt, master.

  2. Boris and Dave were so posh
    They loved to chortle and josh
    In the Bullingdon club
    They liked wrecking the pub
    Then pater would cough up the dosh!

  3. There once was a man with a yen
    To topple a fella named Ken
    His hair is unkempt
    I’m truly verklempt
    I care little for platinum men.

  4. I vote that Kaz is the winner so far. lmizb

  5. Sorr, my word ver intruded there.

  6. Excellent all!

    And yes Murph, Kaz is the best.

    Here's two others...

    Eton boy Boris Johnson Esquire
    Was tipped as a really high flier
    Now he holds office
    He's taking the piss
    As a dyed in the wool Tory liar

    He said "Sorry I haven't a clue"
    On Have I Get News For You
    But they made his name
    And the Beeb is to blame
    For a future stuck in Tory poo

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