Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You're Havana Laff

"Allo, Darlin'. I'm gonna laugh you into bed, I am."

Geoff: I quite fancy reading the Fidel Castro autobiography.

Betty: Will that be before or after Booky Wook?


  1. Apparently the Fidel book is quite good. As for the Brand, I quite like his football column in the Guardian, which feels weird.

  2. When I look at Russell Brand I see Nigella Lawson with stubble.

    Were they separated at birth?

  3. Havana Laugh!!! Very goody wood!

  4. Billy - His football column's the reason why I'll buy Booky Wook.

    MJ - You have an individual take on things. Or should that be "cake"? I'd rather watch Nigella suck her fingers than Russell suck his. I bet they're as dirty as Pete Doherty's.

    Murph - I have a confession to make. I couldn't think of a title and Betty came up with several, including this one. I know, I'm living a lie.

  5. so what was the answer?

    Don't keep us in suspenders, before or after?

  6. I think it will be Booky Wook first. I'm a slow reader but even I could get Booky Wook out of the way in a few weeks/months.

  7. Motorcycle Diaries is great. Go for it.